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Monday, July 5 2010

Fadlallah Died Condemning Israel

Reuters on the death of Hezbollah's Shiekh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah:

A doctor at the Bahman hospital, to which he was admitted on Friday, said that when a nurse asked the cleric what he needed, he replied: "For the Zionist entity to cease to exist."

Nonetheless, one CNN editor considers Fadlallah "One of Hezbollah's giants I respect a lot."



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That isn't so much as a condemnation, as it's a desire to wipe us out.

Sounds like a modern myth, to be honest. Maybe the doctor is an attention seeker?

" when a nurse asked the cleric what he needed, he replied: "For the Zionist entity to cease to exist." "
I guess this was God's way of saying "Backatcha!", since He promised to bless those who bless Israel, and to curse those who curse her. Who "ceased to exist" first-Israel or Fadlallah??? Since Israel is still alive and well at this very moment, and Fadlallah has expired, I guess his "curse" boomeranged, as will ALL against Israel! Shalom!

The only good thing about this, is that the bastard is DEAD! Hope all his '72 virgins' are ugly old hags; better than he deserves, that's for sure!
As for CNN's Hezbollah-loving so-called editor, she needs to exit, stage left, immediately if not sooner.

And you believe this? His last request was probably for either a glass of water or a bedpan, or both.

And may I wish his followers a short and fruitless life

Good for him, at least he stuck to his convictions to the very end

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