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Tuesday, July 6 2010

And You Thought Vuvuzelas Were Annoying

This photo illustrates a Times of London update on Prime Minister Netayahu's White House summit.

Set aside the fact that the image has nothing to do with the story. Check out the caption.


Mouths open wide, palms up, and one girl looks like she's out of breath. Yeah that looks like real attempt at dialogue. Here's the real caption.

Palestinian children shout at an Israeli soldier during a demonstration against the expansion of the nearby Jewish settlement of Halamish in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, Friday, July 2, 2010. (AP Photo/Majdi Mohammed)

The picture has absolutely no connection to the story and is only used for effect. This is exactly the reason Hamas wants these Palestinian photographers to get these kind of images. And the papers play right into their hands.

And you thought those loud vuvuzelas are annoying.

UPDATE July 6: What a can of worms this is. Max Blumenthal filmed this very incident. The Palestinians clearly provoked and staged the whole event to humiliate the IDF -- and they filmed themselves doing it.

See other images 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 from this Nabi Saleh set-up for the cameras.



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And wasn`t it interesting at the end of the film after the Adult ringleaders had been arrested the "Kids" went on happily playing football in the street.

The use of children in this way should be reported to the UN for child abuse!

Great! Compare this with any demonstration in any Arab country or Iran.

Anyone else find it fascinating how comfortable those kids are, yelling and screaming at the IDF soldiers, and then playing ball games all around them? Aren't Israeli soldiers supposed to be child killers? Shouldn't those kids be running for their lives?

The truth is that if one of these children developed a life-threatening heart problem, he would be welcomed into an Israeli hospital and given the finest medical treatment!
Brave IDF soldiers, my heart is with you

Israeli citizens who harass our army and interfere with soldiers' duties are traitors and need to be punished. The photographers are lucky they weren't taken away.

There have been stories in the press re: aid to hamas.
whatever happened to the US policy that recipients of aid had to qualify by meeting human rights standards. Think Gilad.

Remarkable restraint by the Israeli soldiers in the face of humiliation by well-dressed, un-oppressed children. Had this been tried in virtually any Arab country, there would have been many deaths.

In the above you wrote:

"The Palestinians clearly provoked and staged the whole event to humiliate the IDF -- and they filmed themselves doing it."

May I correct you. These were not Palestinians who provoked and staged the whole event. It was Israeli provocateurs from the Left.

These ignorant Leftists have no idea in which neighborhood they live.

I admire the Israel solders for their absolute restraint. In Iran, demonstrations result in death to those who protest. Thank G-d for Israel.

This is crying out for subtitles, certainly in English and in other languages. Whhen the baldly (an Israeli BTW)is being restrained the soldiers clearly tell hi, over and over to calm down.

first of all why are the children playing in the area where there are soldiers present with guns????
If the Israelis are such evil monsters how is it possible they allow children within a mile of these so called monsters?
Would you ever ever ever find Israeli children playing so happily next to any ARAB???? Armed or unarmed???
The fact that they knowingly and willingly approach these soldiers proves two very important factors.
1: they are not at all afraid of the Israeli soldiers they know the soldiers care about their lives more than their own Arab people do.
2: they are there for the sole purpose of inciting with the hope of manufacturing negative PR.
If you notice the guy getting arrested towards the end of the clip comments that he is being arrested all because he called the soldier names.
He was hoping the soldiers would have beat him..
These soldiers are made of iron.. to endure this hate and evil and still control themselves is amazing.

Instead of defending the Israeli soldiers against the malicious slanders of the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic media, we should initiate Awards for Valour in Response to Provocation and present them to Israeli soldiers who exemplify such courage and restraint. No other soldiers would demonstrate such forebearance. This actually demonstrates clearly that attempts to portray Israeli soldiers as cruel are all lies! Sitting safely in front of my computer, I was getting very angry watching these foolish and programmed little miscreants prolong their backward existence. Of course the ignomious leftists who champion the global anti-Israel movement significantly contribute to ongoing Arab misery. If the leftists think that life under Hamas, Hezbollah or Sharia law is preferable to that under Israeli democracy, they can move to any Muslim country...or even Muslim dominated parts of Europe.

I was impressed by the unbelievable self-restraint shown by the Israeli soldiers. These young men did incredibly well.

Even against behaviour of the unruly Palestinian children the I.D.F.soldiers showed remarkable restraint as the children made insulting remarks,etc.bravo!

Driving thru Palestinian areas of the West Bank on my many trips to Israel, it was apparent that they did not need fences and soldiers or security guards to protect them against their Jewish neighbors in villages next door which were surrounded by barb wire and armed soldiers to protect the Jewish residents. Isn't there something very strange about this that the media seems to ignore. The security wall has protected me while driving and my son's family who live nearby. If there were not terrorists and brain washed Arabs who infest their people with hatred of the Jews , instead of coexistence. Arab controlled areas are basically Jew FREE yet in Israel and the West Bank Arab residents live in relative freedom. Without the violence there would be peaceful coexistence to build a country with Jewish, Muslim and Christian citizens whether Arab controlled or Jewish Israeli controlled. Children could learn from each other tolerance instead of staging media propaganda which only serves to distort the truth instead of creating peace.

The IDF should assign soldiers in every unit to comprehensive videotaping of their encounters with Palestinians and supporters. A library should be compiled and taken to the media to counter the selective anti-Israel reporting of Israeli units in the territories. If the media refuse to acknowledge and incorporate this documentation, they should be taken to court on charges of libel and possibly, slander.

I have to honestly say that I've quite puzzled by the point of posting this video here and by all the comments so far. As background on myself, I recently made aliya and I would consider myself on the right of Israeli politics. I think Israel -- residents and soldiers -- have every right to be in Yehuda v'Shomron and should still be in Gaza. I think the security fence is possibly the wisest thing the Israeli government has done in the last ten years or so. I agree with all the commenters who point out what a blatant disparity there is between the levels of security of Israelis and Palestinians in the area, and how safe the Palestinian kids obviously feel in the presence of the soldiers. In general I think HonestReporting's work, showing the world what happens behind the scenes of the mainstream media, to be hugely important. But this particular video could as easily have been played on CNN to demonstrate how the evil Israeli soldiers have no restraint at all, as they physically assaulted and arrested several protesters just for standing around and shouting. So what if a bunch of kids and a few adults are shouting insults at them? Part of being in the army is having the basic self-discipline and maturity not to respond to things that are not worth a response. It greatly bothers me that HR thinks this is worth posting as an example of Palestinians staging an incident, because it devalues the point for other, much more egregious instances of that practice.

Re the comment by Alex Goodsmith: I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea!!! Yes, let's get footage that shows the reality of every incident/confrontation, not the edited propaganda Pallywood puts out. (Of course, the world still won't believe it - a la the flotilla footage), but the more the truth is told, the more it will counter the lies.

Stan Tee
Your idea is a nice idea but wouldnt work for various reasons.
Firstly it is possible to interpret even video evidence in various ways. A number of the comments above believe the video shows the soldiers to be heroic. Alish and myself believe anything but.
Secondly video footage is often incomplete. You mention the flotilla and clearly the footage we have seen shows unarmed Israeli soldiers boarding one of the ships being attacked by activists armed with heavy objects and I recall at least one knife. However we have not seen footage of the killings which followed nor of the boarding of the other ships to see whether the IDF did use reasonable force. Such footage must exist but we have seen only a small fraction of the relevant events
Thirdly video footage usually fails to put things in a political context. So footage of the IDF boarding the flotilla does not show the rockets falling on Sderot. And the footage of the people above does not show that they have restricted access to water and perhaps some of them have lost their olive fields to the Barrier.

Can someone please explain if these are Palestinian or Israeli children? From the commentaries, I get the feeling that these are children of Israeli people who are sympathizers with the Palestinians. The ease with which the children interact with the soldiers suggests, too, that they are Israeli. They seem to know that these soldiers can be trusted not to harm them. From a physical standpoint, the children neither look like nor dress (with a few exceptions) as Palestinians.
The crowning moment comes when the adult provocateurs either leave or are arrested and the children immediately revert to playing around the soldiers as if they aren't even there, all anger evaporated. The resilience of children is amazing.
Therefor, your initial statement that this is a Palestinian provocation is in itself misleading. The video by Max Blumenthal is refreshingly non-judgmental.
The Israeli soldiers have shown that they are thorough professionals, even though they all are basically Israeli citizens performing their national service.
Having said this, I would like to see Max make a video of what happens when the children are actually Palestinian. Often the scenario is a lot of shouting and some rock throwing. It is also possible that Max would find it difficult to video anything from such close range without fearing for his life. Nevertheless, I believe the behavior of the Israeli soldiers would be the same, no matter who the children are.

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