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Sunday, June 27 2010

Would Hezbollah Sabotage Gaza Flotilla?

Naji_al_Ali Daily Telegraph reporter Con Coughlin:

Incredible though it might seem, my Lebanese sources tell me that senior Hizbollah officials have even discussed the notion of using explosives they captured from Israel during the 2006 war to blow up one of the ships while it is en route to Gaza, and blame the incident on Israeli recklessness.

Far-fetched though this may seem, with tensions between Iran and Israel approaching crisis point over Iran’s refusal to abandon its uranium enrichment programme I can easily understand why Tehran might be encouraging Hizbollah to indulge in some drastic action that will divert attention away from Iran. In the unseen dirty war between Israel and Iran, in which Iranian nuclear scientists regularly go missing, and unexplained “accidents” occur at Iran’s nuclear facilities, I suppose anything is possible, even something as mad as Hizbollah blowing up an aid ship destined for its Hamas allies in Gaza.


It's deja vu all over again.



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Not in the least far-fetched. The thought has already occurred to me that they might try this.

That would not be at all surprising! Next expect Turkey to accuse Israel of running weapons and other supplies to the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) in their struggle to establish a Kurdish state in eastern Turkey, western Iran and northern Syria and Iraq. If the Palestinians deserve a state of their own, so do the Kurds! It is time for Israel to launch her own "flotilla" in support of Kurdish independence!

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