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Tuesday, June 29 2010

Telegraph Caught Recycling Gaza War Photo to Distort Today's Reality

Why does the Daily Telegraph choose to reuse an image from the 2009 Gaza conflict to inaccurately portray the present day?

See HonestReporting's latest communique: Telegraph Caught Recycling Gaza War Photo to Distort Today's Reality



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I have a question. What would happen if Israel announced to the UN that henceforth Israel is leaving the so called "deliberative body" and will go it alone?

The world is now engaged in an assault on freedom! Here in America we were always confident that our leaders would ultimately always support the cause for freedom, but now the dynamics have changed. I'm sorry to say that America is also now engaged in the process of saving itself from the radical purveyors (under the guise), of social reform. The philosophy of freedom no longer takes precedence and the American Constitution is no longer the guide that our present administration subscribes. There is a powerful conspiracy to undermine all the principals that has contributed to this premise. I am personally sorry that our media is compliant with the present administration in their irresponsible support of sytems that will inevitabaly defeat democracy around the world, if allowed to continue unabated. I am not wealthy and therefore unable to contribute what I would like toward your alleviating dilemma, but you can rest assured that my voice is solidly behind your plight.

Lets face it....if Israel had the oil we would be king of the hill.

News papers need to stay in business and if stretching a story is good for business, well enough said.

Very simple. If the world press do not publish photographs / written media that puts Israel in bad light they will not be allow access to Gaza. There have been cases were reporters have reported it truthfully and have ended up ether dead or banned from Gaza. The world's press and governments will always try to pacify the people that are the biggest threat to there lives or livelihood. ie: terrorist or in this case Islamist Hamas. The world press have lost there backbone. I am a photographer and know just how manipulative News papers can be. Remember the photographs during the Lebanon war in 2006?
The published photographs where manipulated so as to exaggerate the damage during a air strike by duplicating smoke and burned out buildings. The crude manipulation was easily spotted but the damage to Israel was done. The photo editor that allowed this photograph to be released for publication must have been blind to "not" see this blatant distortion of the truth. Fact is that yes a photograph dose not lie but it can be distorted for the purposes of the Anti Israeli agenda most of the media has. Why? Well again its all about being allowed to get access to Islamist areas all over the world. I truly believe that the media is being manipulated by the Islamists as much as the media is manipulating the truth to allow them to continue reporting from there areas. Sort of if you scratch my back I will scratch yours kind of thing.

now the telegraph has replaced the old stock photo with another old stock photo of a "tunnel worker". i wonder why they couldn't include some real photos of fully stocked store shelves from gaza? ;-)

good grief, these guys are a lazy excuse for journalists!

It is very obvious and clear that the GUARDIAN newspaper is one way road pro Palestinian.No problem, just its British readers should know in advance that they read streight forward private sector propaganda.

So, when I click on the link, the photo is not the photo you state it is. Of these two sources, yourself and the telegraph, who ought I believe and why?

those are some very clean bandages on that injured palestinian.... clean clothes, too.

in fact i ain't never seen such clean wound dressings...

Could Honest Reporting UK let their readers know if they receive an appology from the Daily Telegraph.

Why does Israel not use material retrieved from people on the flotilla for propaganda. Hamas is so good at that, but the Israeli's by contrast are so good at putting their foot into it. Dont the Israeli's ever learn the importance of propaganda and public relations.

It is bad enough that most of the liberal press is ideologically in favor of the Arabs but the deliberate falsification of facts on the ground is unconscionable for a free press.
What is the appeal of Islam bigotry to the left? Do the Israelis make them feel inferior while on the other hand do they need Islam to make the reporters feel superior to the masses?

If a newsman deliberately misinforms, he is betraying his profession and should be barred from any self-respecting news bodies or organisations for malpractise.

Didn't anybody notice that the people in the photo are dressed for winter? The Gaza war was in Dec-Jan. This is the middle east and it's summer now. T-shirt weather day & night.

The State of Israel being attacked from the political left is an irony that it has to deal with in a more astute manner. The Israeli political establishment is far from being a "Right Wing" one which it is perceived to be. Due to all the negative propaganda of the last sixty plus years by the enemies of democracy-especially in ME- Israel suffers from being badly mis-understood. Based on all acceptable international standards, Israel is primarily a left leaning establishment, and it would do itself a favor by aligning herself with left or moderate leaning systems and/or movements rather than with the one that are more to the right. The reality is that Israel is a small left leaning state that just wants to survive and not this monsterous state that wants to control the world. So, let's re-educate people properly and be on the correct side.

In world war two I served in the U.S. Navy. Where ever I was stationed I could not escape from antisemitism directed towards me. All they had to know was that I was Jewish and that was enough to assail me for that reason and that reason only. One time after this horrible treatment one sailor told me that if I converted to Christianity would be not treated that way. My answer:
If I became one of you then I would be filled with hate. Do you think I want to be a devil like you? No thanks

They do this because they are lazy.
They do this because they are lazy.
They do this and are surprised because their circulation is failing.
They are no better nor worse than the rest of the smug newspaper publishers who will be looking for jobs or taxpayer handouts.
What everyone ought to do is bombard them with postal cards with a chicken on the front and give their competitors advance notice.
Public humiliation is the only way to get them to think about foolishness like this.


Writing on here is great -
However if we have to be heard then write to the Telegraph, write to all the media who play the double standards game. Do not just leave it to HR- If you see it first act-
Send copies to your local politician-
The more independent complaints the more they sit up and listen.

I absolutely agree that use of this photo was very poor journalism indeed.
However photos of a shop selling fruit and veg is also poor journalism without a full explanation of the situation in Gaza. After all a photo of the Taj Hotel in downtown Mumbai doesnt mean that there arent poverty stricken people on the street.
Similarly photos of a well stocked food shop or restaurant in Gaza doesnt mean that there arent people in severe economic difficulties who are adversely affected by the blockade

Stephen- Whilst you might have a point-
Ask yourself why these kids are in their situation-

Gaza Just built an Olympic size swimming pool.
Gaza has restaurants and shops have goods- The pictures you speak of show that the goods are available-
If the Gaza`an authorities prefer to spend their surplus on rockets, mortars and arms rather than feed their children then who do you blame? Those pictures have not been doctored.

To add to Harry Pak's comment, my own suggestion would be for our democracies to leave the UN. As it is today, it no longer serves the aims of its Charter, even less of its Universal Declaration of Human Rights. So our countries should have the courage to leave and leave them without the justification that only democracies supply.
To Harold T, the very sad answer is "no". At no time has Israel ever understood the importance of intelligent communication skills. It has lost every "peace" by that failing alone. What to do about it? I don't know. I tried years ago, but failed.

The media must remember the purpose it has to fulfill. This is the task of informing the public of what is happening in the world. It is inexcusable and unacceptable for a newspaper or media outlet to fabricate news. Shame on the Telegraph.

Following the HR report,I posted a complaint to the Daily Telegraph. I received neither acknowledgement nor apology but I guess at least I helped them change the picture.

European media honesty expired with the prolification of 55 million Muslims into Europe. Soon we will see the emergence of Europestan! Islamic hegemony has an unlimited apetite fed by a geo-political religion called Islam. Sadly the media has knowingly chosen Israel as their sacrificial lamb on the alter of Islamic expansionism! Is it going to end there? More likely, this jaundiced view by the media is unwittingly encouraging a world Islamic chalifate as openly espoused daily by the Imams and Mullahs throughout the globe.

Israel knows the locations of the tunnels

Each time a rocket is fired from Gaza into Israel 2 tunnels are bombed and closed

When the next rocket is fired from Gaza into Israel 3 tunnels are bombed and closed

Each time a rocket is fired Israel adds one more tunnel by the time there is 10 rockets 11 tunnels gone - after a while there will be no more tunnels

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