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Wednesday, June 16 2010

SUCCESS! - Yahoo Reunites Jerusalem

See HonestReporting's latest communiques:



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Re the tragedy of the flotilla when nine so called peace activists were killed.
About thirty years ago British troops shot and killed thirteen demonstrators in Ireland, a day which became known as Bloody Sunday.
Britain conducted it's own internal investigation (no international teams)spent all these years investigating and found that the troops shot at unarmed defenseless people. Our Prime Minister has apologised. Thats it!

Way to go!

One small victory for humankind. Let's hope there are many more.

If the truth ever comes out you will find that Muslim in the white house engineered this trying to pressure Bibi out of office.

I still see results for east jerusalem?

Now that Yahoo has corrected the split, maybe its time to move on to the Weather Network.

I raised this matter already 3 weeks ago, and it was taken up by David Shamah who wrote a big article in the Jerusalem Post.

Israel (the smartest people in the technical world) should learn how to use Public Relations to their benefit. There is no reason why Israel cannot put on the same public face as their enemies to discredit them with true facts. The more Israel goes on the PR campaign and by repetition the better Israel will be. “Tell the story so many times people begin to believe it”.

Wonderful! Who do we write at the company to thank them?

congratulationes: the truth wins!

This is currently as it should be done-it is not up to yahoo to decide the fate of Jerusalem.

The so called Peace Activists, despite their protestations of innocence, all have the same simian positions and attitudes ........
See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.....

when it comes to their Muslim cohorts.

Why does the world condem before analyzing the FACTS???
Israel is definitely fighting 2 wars, the press(which is controled by extemists who hate Israel)
plus the war with Hammas, Iran, etc.

I still do not understand why the world is so blind as to support terrorists. How can they think Israel is the aggressor. Israel has given away it's land for peace and still there is none.
Israel should not give away anything since it belongs to them.
This extremest view has been a media delight. Israel needs to spend more money on PR and letting the world know the truth. All the false accusations of the Hamas and staged photos should be exposed in a greater manner.
Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and should be acknowleged for it's humanitarian actions.
No other country has ever sent leaflets asking citizens to vacate before bombing. How sad for the innocent Palistinians that are being abused by the Hamas and terrorist leadership.
In the end G-d will save the Jewish people even though it is difficult to see it.
May G-d continue to bless Israel and may we as a people be as one.

Great work!

I long ago came to the conclusion that world opinion is of no consequence to the survival of Israel or Jews. The Holocaust could never, without the active or passive cooperation of the world, occur. The Jews of Europe were murdered because the world shut them out---as was exhibited by the ill fated voyage of the St. Louis.
Where was world opinion in 1948 when fifty million Arabs attacked four hundred thousand Jews in the new state of Israel?----The world sat by while
Jews were imprisoned in Entebbe, when Sadam was paying $25,000.00 to families of homicide bombers, while Iraq was building (with French help) a
nuclear reactor, etc etc.
I care not about world opinion I care about survival.


Kol Hakavod!!

Do you know why when you type Israel on your iphone it does not grab the initial letters and suggest the word Israel, nor does it capitalize the it does every other city, country, etc?

All I can say is YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whilst some of the members and organisers of the flotilla may well have had violent intentions and the evidence which is being produced is very interesting. When are we going to see videos of the events on the Mavi Mamara after the inital assault by the activists on the IDF or indeed the boarding of the other flotilla ships by the IDF. Video footage must be available (shot the activisits and then confiscated and by the IDF) but it seems to be being released rather selectively by Israel who I assume control all the video footage. Rather than a "battle for public opinion" perhaps a search for the truth would be more appropriate. Perhaps the committee of inquiry being set up in Israel will search for and find the truth.

Wouldn't it be beautiful if the whole conflict concerning Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel could so easily be resolved?!

Kol hakavod to HR and all who responded to the call!

I responded on my BLOG:

Image two weather readings for the same city for political reasons. While Yahoo has changed this, it still exists in other weather gathering sites such as The Weather Network which my cable provider uses for the weather channel, and I have on my computer task bar.

Why are they leaving an option for West Jerusalem?

That's great to hear. Glad everyone created pressure so that Yahoo would reunite Jerusalem in the digital world. Great job Honest Reporting for always being at the vanguard of news concerning Israel.

Great news about Jerusalem.

Enjoyed and benefited from your comments.

REgarding the boat incident. The UK can't say anything after Bloody Monday, can they? Look how many they killed and they were all without knives and iron poles!

You are doing a great job Honest Reporting.

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