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Thursday, June 10 2010

Reuters' Double Exposure

See HonestReporting's latest communiques:

Days after being caught cropping photos for political effect, Reuters releases a photo bank of Hamas propaganda images from Gaza: Reuters' Double Exposure

Yahoo uses iPhone weather application to make a political statement: Yahoo Divides Jerusalem



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Suggest changing all Yahoo links on our PCs to East Yahoo and West Yahoo. If the company wants our hits, they will have to split up and rename each half.

reuters as usual have to resort to make believe to sell the news!lets get the real story and let some indifferent news agencies in to give the world the true picture and not hamas properganda.

Why? Is there any reason to your one sided reports?
Would you not want to show the other side too?

Now I understand why I stopped getting the weather report for Jerusalem some days ago. Idiots.

The feedback form on Reuters' website wouldn't let me post my comment, so I used the address

Trying to capitalize on Hate-Mail (or Hate-Boats) could prove to be more costly in losses than expected.

please check out:

for a picture of life in Gaza

Interesting, though, that the days of the week on both are shown in Hebrew.

Let's wait to see if they inject Arabic for East Jerusalem.

Reuters is backing Terroist Reuters news organization should be band by other new organizations -

Reuters claims to be "committed to accurate and impartial reporting". While Mohamed Salem was capturing his photos in June 8, 2010, Reuters, with a basic research on the internet, it would recognize that in Gaza, like in the majority of Arabic countries i.e. Egypt, Syria and Yemen is an unemployment crisis but not a humanitarian aid crisis. Photos of mountains of fruits, vegetables clothing, toys...are invading Gaza's Market. 3 days after the Turkish attack, Danish reporter, Steffen Jensen drove to Gaza to check whether Gazans are living a humanitarian crisis as shown in Media. He came with the following report:
Reuters' archive excluding such photos during Gaza’s flotilla attack does not make its reporting accurate nor impartial but a one-sided reporting.

The pictures and story telling of the Palestinians has gone on for years. The world has become unprofessional and ignorant of what they do. The only thing that can chage things is for Israel to truly show its power.

Isn't it interesting that every picture is contains the same information that "their house was destroyed in the Israeli conflict in 2008-9"?

Maybe they were just "camping out"

All the people in the pictures look well fed and well dressed a long time after the Gaza war. Behind the woman showing her empty refrigerator one can see food on the table.
The photo of the woman showing the damage to her home, really shows nothing awful, the walls still seem to be standing.

Yahoo's "creeping delegitimization" of Jerusalem as Israel's capital? One more reason to avoid Yahoo whenever possible. Incidentally Merriam-Webster defines "yahoo" as "a member of a race of brutes in Swift's Gulliver's Travels who have the form and all the vices of humans; a boorish, crass, or stupid person."

Sounds about right.

Maybe the next thing the geniuses at Yahoo will do is abolish the app that displays weather forecasts for New York and replace it with a set of apps that show separate forecasts for The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.

Yes, and they've renamed Haifa to Hefa after who knows how many years as Haifa.

I would like to know if the Huffington Post article by Cenk Uryur alleging that one of the dead "peace" activists had been executed by the Israeli commandos. The Huffington Post article stated that an autopsy had revealed four (4) gunshot wounds to the head as well as two to the chest.

How is this explained by the Israeli military? This needs to be answered before I ever donate to Honest Reporting again.

It is beyond time and reason that we and the rest of humane world citizens realize that


Just as any who choose to leave Islamic religion are inhumanely persecuted and killed, Militant Islamic Jihadist and their Imans have scared, bribed and otherwise made moral prostitutes out of most of the major media in the free world.

What is really sad, depressing, and infuriating is that
most public eyes, ears, and minds have been duped with such as this post shows.

We live in the age of grand delusion, as scriptures say: because they love unrighteousness more than truth.

Judgment is near and will vindicate all (in and out of Israel) who stand for truth and the Almighty CREATOR, Echad, of Israel.

It all comes down to "bottom line." Desperate people or people with an agenda will do anything for money. Reuters has a lot of money to pay and Reuters makes a lot of money "reselling" its photographs. They just want to have something to sell for both sides. At least they are fair in that regard.

This is the very reason that I did not pursue the media as a vocation. I realized in my studies that every day, one of the following would occur: (1) I would not be able to say the truth; (2) someone would ask me to say or do something that was not the truth; (3) I would be fired every day; (4) I would quit my job every day; or (5) I would be in a "shouting match" every day. None of these prospects sounded pleasing to me. I just went into accounting - try not to make the numbers lie. Actually, my own business is the only business that I can do what I want.




It's all about OIL. There should be a law requiring all media to report who owns them and who manages them. That used to be required but as families grew and interest by the public in the financial markets wayned it's become down-played. Unfortunately, Isreal will be the scape goat as long as there is a barrell of oil left to be harvested.

Come on Yahoo, I've been to Israel a couple of times and the whole country isn't wide enough to divide into two weather reports much less Jerusalem. Now if you want to do that in a north south orientation of the whole country it might work. But two weather reports for Jerusalem is blatantly political.

Reuters should no longer be considered a news outlet - and one has to wonder who is paying them and who really is behind them - the media is in good part responsible for the rampant anti semitism that this provocation has created

on Yahoo - a concerted campaign against Yahoo needs to go into effect - since when are they in a position to create middle east policy - are they also in charge of other countries policies? They need to apologize and cease this ridiculous behavior immediately or lose in the long run

Yahoo has divided Jerusalem? Who is Yahoo to think they can do such a ridiculous thing? There is no such entity as "East Jerusalem" and never will be. Jerusalem is a 3000-year old city of the Jewish people, and so it will remain. Yahoo needs to exorcise this inanity from its website immediately or risk the laughter of the civilized people of the world.

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