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Monday, June 21 2010

It's Time to Blame Israel For Easing the Boycott

Now that Israel's starting to ease up on the blockade, guess who's to blame for the collapse of the smuggling industry:


A Palestinian boy holds a box of smuggled cigarettes near the entrance of an inactive tunnel which links Egypt and the southern Gaza Strip border town of Rafah on June 21, 2010 after Israel announced it would allow into the Hamas-ruled Palestinian territory everything that cannot be used by Gaza's Hamas rulers to build weapons or fortifications, dealing a potentially fatal blow to the tunnel trade that has largely sustained the coastal enclave. (Getty Images)

The tunnel looks inactive because of supply and demand, not because of the nasty Israelis. Adding insult to injury, this must be the longest run-on sentence I've ever seen in a photo-caption.

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It still amazes me that amidst all the hoopla and demonizing of Israel that there is no official portrayal of the neighboring Arab states and demonization of them for their part in causing in being the cause of the Palestinian refugee camps by telling their "brothers" to leave their homes and livelihoods or die while they saw to the massacre of Israeli and any remaining Arabs as well while they attempted to drive all Israel into the sea in 1948. Perhaps there should be a rallying cry to the Arab states which forced them from their homes under threat of death to repatriate their brothers and take responsibility for the situation they caused. Of course they won't because they'll lose the best pawns to paint Israel as evil that they've ever created, once again proving that life holds little value in their hearts and minds. But where is the voice of Israel and Jews worldwide. This should be the automatic response...that the Arab Street or Islamic brotherhood created this situation and then turned their backs on the people they claim to support, just not enough to make them welcome in their own countries.

There will not be peace in the Middle East because the Moslems do not want peace with Israel.

Two forces are driving the anti-Israel sentiment. The first comes from Islam in the east. It is based on a failure in the past to convert all the Jews and take over the land that Jews have lived in for millenia. The cohesiveness of the Jews, the relatively few that were left in what was once Judea and Israel, with the diaspora Jews, has rankled the Arabs for centuries, especially because it brought modern western values to a culture that remains in the seventh century.

The other comes from the west and is a remnant of the Roman occupation of the region and the subsequent growth of the competing proselytizing cultures of Islam and Christianity. Both these beliefs have made the Jews outsiders. They have refused them jobs, refused them education, plundered and stolen their homes, businesses, possessions, and their lives.

In spite of this, the Jews have prospered and made major contributions to all aspects of western civilization, in medicine, philosophy, physics, science, technology, literature, and more. The barriers erected by the non-Jews have not stopped Jews from accomplishing more positive things than almost any other culture.

This has lead to feelings of jealousy and belief that the Jews are taking over the world. What is being misread is the fact that Jews, besides being intelligent, are also driven to succeed in life, perhaps because so much effort was needed over the millenia to overcome the barriers put up by ignorance, jealousy, and fear.

One of the major misconceptions is that Israel, the most successful country in the middle east, wants to go to war with its neighbors. This little country has enough problems to keep its economy going in an area surrounded by enemies sworn to its destruction. The realities of the Jew's democratic outlook, their tolerance and acceptance of strangers, their strong ethical foundation, compared to the barbarism of its neighbors, are ignored and turned against the Jews by this jealous world.

The Muslim demonstrators are a violent bunch of mindless sheep, holding placards telling Jews to go back to the ovens, or to go back to Europe were we were tortured, raped, starved, beaten, stolen from, everything evil that could happen happened to the Jews and now the world couldn't care less about the arab propaganda. We could yell till we're blue in the face, no one but we ourselves listens. The arabs are clever and sneaky and emotional, and don't know morality. There's not much hope except that they will implode on their own.

And why change the status quo for the Palestinians when they're getting so much for no effort, no work. 80% unemployment and they have a standard of living that far surpasses most of their fellow co-religionists in other Muslim countries. The money flows in from UNRWA, etc., and guess what: despite our unemployed Americans who are being denied additional benefits, Hillary Clinton has $400 million to sent to Palestinians (probably with no guarantee of how the gift will be used, such as for more armament). What a set-up!

Re Mr Cantor's letter, I agree with all the points he makes, and as a believing christian, I am bitterly ashamed of how we have treated Jews ever since history began.
There are thankfully many like me and we are doing what we can to help and speak up for Israel.
I personally, have never done anything to harm Jews but as an English woman i apologise for my country's guilt both historically and also at the present time!

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