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Tuesday, June 15 2010

Israel Bashers Bash the Beeb

See HonestReporting UK's latest communiques:



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Here is the kind of offensive nonsense the "International Jewish anti-Zionist Network" indulges in …...

Quite apart from anything, these traitors allow the BBC to claim that it is being 'even-handed' on Israel despite the mass of letters it gets citing anti-Israel bias.

Apparently there are many Meshugaiim amongst the Jews. We were often lulled into following foreign ideas like communism (Read Massada by Lamdan). But to become so fanatic against the only Jewish State in the world? that is beyond Meshuga that is evil.
Gershon Grushovski

as of today (16/06/10), there's nothing on BBC Complaints Unit Ruling page about the case. Why?

I know the Al-Dura story quite well.It was fomented by
Charles Anderlin of France 2. I was a colleague of his when he was a senior member of the French News Section of Israel Radio and I worked in English News. He allowed his
left-wing views cloud his professional judgement in my opinion. Reporters are there to get the facts and not make or doctor the news, but if you consider Israel as an occupier, you support the underdog. We are occupiers: what did we occupy? our own country. Logically, the Jews should not be here. Phoenix-like we rose from the dead.
Whoever heard of a nation coming to life 1,868 years after the Romans destroyed the Second Temple. Whoever
heard of a nation existing without recognised, secure
and safe boundaries. Rashi, the greatest ever Jewish
commentater on the Bible wrote: "If you don't believe
the Almighty gave the Land of Israel to the Jewish people, you are mothing better than robbers and bandits" or in our modern language "imperialists and colonialists." He died in 1005. Unfortunately, most of the media are objective against Israel.


Their letter was a statement of protest, not a formal complaint filed with the BBC complaints unit.

Whilst for once the BBC has shown an impartial attitude. Please do not let them off the hook.
For that is how they should have always acted as a tax funded organisation.

Remember they have still to produce the Balen report.
A report commissioned by them-on whether their ME reporting was pro "Palestinian"- They refuse to publish!

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