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Wednesday, June 23 2010

Behind Bars: Photo Bias Breaks Out of Gaza

See HonestReporting's latest media critiques:

• Are Gazan children really behind bars or does the imagery fail to give the bigger picture? Behind Bars: Photo Bias Breaks Out of Gaza

• After 4 years in Hamas captivity, make sure that the mainstream media doesn't forget the tragic plight of the kidnapped Israeli soldier. Will the Media Remember Gilad Shalit?



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Why is Hamas keeping its children behind bars? There's a question no one asks.

Amazing as it may seem, the anti Israelis/Hamas supporters have gone over the top with all their false publicity. In short, overkill.

People here in Ireland are at last seeing the truth. This morning on our most popular radio talk shows Ane Herzberg, an NGO monitor debated Gaza with an Irish NGO and really got the truth out. Ane Herzberg should be sent abroad as an emissary of the Israeli MFA.

Joe Briscoe, Dublin, Ireland

Sent emails in support of Gilad Shalit.
I recently read a wonderful proposal: Exchange Gilat Atmon for Gilad Shalit.

They should not use the children in order to lie to the world!

According to the's ranking of world obesity, male Gazans are the 8th fattest people in the world and female Gazans are the 3rd fattest. So much for poor starving Gazans.

Pocket World in Figures
Highest obesity
Aug 22nd 2007

This ranking is taken from the 2007 edition of The Economist’s “Pocket World in Figures”.

The 'Palestinians' are very happy to present this face to the world. After all, why should Israel be allowed to protect itself?
It is time the entire world woke up and saw their propaganda for what it is.

I saw this very same techique being used during the last Lebanon War. People were filmed behind a chain link fence at the port in Beirut awaiting evacuation by ship by the U.S. and Canada (they were dual citizens) but if you panned further away, you could see that the compound was NOT SURROUNDED by this fence. This was purposely set up by the reporter to make the situation look like the photos of people behind barbed wire in Nazi concentration camps.
And this video (without the panning) was carried on Canadian national news stations.

this obesity could be a problem. they will not fit into their tunnels!

They are behind bars until Hamas will load them with explosive jackets.

Why does the world ignore Gilat Shhalit? The Geneva onvention states that every prisoner is entitled as a very minimum to a visit from the International Red Cross. He was not a prisoner of war but kidnapped from within Israel.
How many remember that before the 6day war Israeli's were kidnapped by Syria ?(The Golan Heighs was still in their hands). Of those who eventually returned only one did not lose his sanity because of the treatment they received and spent the rest of their lives in care. Gilad deserves better

Why aren't the pictures of food in Gaza getting out to the main stream?

GAZA; Children behind bars?????

Which Bars?

The only ones I am thinking of are the Bars of the Fanatic Islamo Facist terror group ''HAMAS''.

Relax everyone,...Muslims are all over the world and as a minority (EU and more) they alienate everybody,..not too much love around the world for Muslims,...the silent majority knows better,...the Media is biased and loosing credibility.

The children behiund bars could be in a zoo looking at the animals. Do you see the one on the left with a digital camera?
The food store looks like the people are not shopping so they get sympathy for not having anything. Their entire story is a joke on the people that believe there is an internationally caused problem. They are their own problem and they want to cause problems around the world and it looks like we are letting them.
PTBarnum of Ringlling Brothers Circus said you can fool som of the people some of the time but not al of the people all of the time. Hitler said that if you tell a lie often enough people will begin to believe it. That is their mantra.

Don't just blame the media for ignoring Gilad Shalit. Surely the Israeli government could have made their easing of the blockade of Gaza conditional on Gilad Shalit's release.

Honest Reporting: Please let's get out to the world media some actual, dated, verifiable photos of grocery stores, supermarkets, gas stations, hospitals, etc. in Gaza. Show the world the BS of the starving Gazans. Then put these pictures against what is ignored in Africa: Nigeria, the Congo, Darfur, etc.

The bottles of ketchup are imported from Israel! (Hebrew labels)

So much for BDS!

Sometimes we are preaching to the choir. We should take these truthful photos and instead of showing them to each other take out full-page ads in the newspaper of every major city in the US and EU and publish them. The Muslims are winning the propaganda war for 2 reasons: They are utterly and completely morally bankrupt and 2) we don't combat propaganda of lies with propaganda of truth. Are there no jews out there with enough money to pitch in and buy a full-page ad in their city?

Truth is the first victim of war - and this is a time of war. The scapegoat is Israel but Jew hatred is behind it all. The Arab hierarchy have used their people as pawns for so long that it's taken for granted. Moderates are scared to speak out - why is this? As Daniel Pipes said 'who would have thought that we would live in an age where Jews have the strong army, and the Arabs the best propaganda machine.' Each and every one of us has to speak out and re-educate the masses as to the truth behind the false pictures and constant barrange of lies. Having a Jewish State in the Middle East sticks in the throat of most of the Arab world and this is the bottom line.

Notice that the kids' heads fit easily between the "bars". That means their bodies could fit through as well.

The media in Canada and the United States needs to take greater precautions not to misinform or create stereotypes. Thus it needs to realize that the Palestinians are not innocent of twisting the media to suit their purposes.

As long as the members of the fourth estate have an agenda beyond their professional remit, and all too often they do, this is the vicious mendacious tripe that the public, a public not free of like agendas, will be fed

I give seminars in schools, colleges, training courses, conferences etc and I take every opportunity to discuss how misinformation and disinformation, by the media and spread by people who don't check sources r think for themselves,is keeping the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis going. We need to be informed of all the initiatives that are currently getting Israelis and Palestinians working together. We need to spread HOPE not HATE. Both Palestinian and Israeli children need to be brough up in LOVE not taught to HATE.

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