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Sunday, June 27 2010

A PR Fiasco In the Making?

Women_soldiers The IDF is training female cadets to take over the women's flotilla boat. The Sunday Times writes:

It hopes the all-women boarding party will minimise bad publicity.

Witnesses at the commandos’ Mediterranean base near Haifa in northern Israel reported that hardened members of the “shayetet” (the flotilla), who are more familiar with secret cross-border missions, appeared bemused by their young charges. Young women could be seen being taught to handle speedboats, prepare for emergencies at sea and clamber on to larger ships.

“The commandos are confused,” said one source. “These frogmen are trained to carry out sensitive military missions. Last month they were sent to deal with the Turkish civilians. Now they’re asking them to deal with ladies, and all of it live on television.”

I don't have a problem with female soldiers. But if Israel's placing PR ahead of operational concerns, this could only become a bigger fiasco -- and the potential headaches are already big enough.



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The problem exists that Israel cannot be seen to be dishonoring the women, even if that doesn't make any real sense in the real world. So perhaps what is going on, is that the commandos will secure the boat and the female soldiers will then be in charge of the women once they get on board. They will still have to know how to defend themselves, so some combat training is essential.

Israel should forget the PR which isn't going to make a difference anyway. Regardless of what Israel does its going to be condemned. Haven't they learned that by now? If anything Israel has nothing to lose by acting ruthlessly.

The lives of these lady IDF soldiers can be endangered if they are not adequately trained for such a mission. And it seems they won't be, in such a short period of time.

Israel should send in the already extensively trained male commandoes and if these Lebanese women jihadists want to martyr themselves just for the sake of creating propaganda against Israel, then so be it.

israel HAS to be ruthless this time. pussy-footing around led to 10 suicide candidates being killed on the mavi marmara. this time be ruthless so that no one will be killed and, more importantly, none of your own forces are endangered/injured.

Never under-estimate the sheer stupidity of Israelis.
After 5 yrs in this country, nothing surprises me, especially bungling. It's a wonder this country has survived as long as it has.

The women's flotilla isn't a military operation but a PR one. Treating it as a PR exercise is probably the only correct choice.

Just this time is the Destroy Israel Lobby assaults the girls, arrest and put them to trial.

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