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Sunday, May 16 2010

'You Lied to Me, Jew Producer': Comedy Central Shocker

An offensive online game plays on an association of Israel as a child killer.

See HonestReporting's latest communique: "You Lied to Me, Jew Producer": Comedy Central Shocker

Join our new Facebook group dedicated to spreading this campaign to a wider audience. Yarden Frankl and I also discussed Comedy Central's not-so-funny game in this podcast.



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I'm offended by your unfunny lack of good taste.

This is truly outrageous! What the **** is wrong with Comedy Central? These vicious bigots should be sued and run into the ground.

In the times we are living in they should be ashamed of themselves.

Totally outrageous!

What utter rubbish there anti-jewish propaganda churns out. You only have to speak to palestinians such as joseph farah and walid shoebat to know that this kind of thing is tantamount to saying the arafat never existed... A lie or the product or ignorance. Jewish people would never use any person's blood for passover let alone that of palestinian children. This is sheer nonsense believed by the gullible.

Part of the problem is due to the fact that when its Catholics that get maligned on Comedy Central's shows no one joins Catholics in lodging complaints. Now its Jews and rightfully this website isn't happy. But, you need to condemn all attacks on religions, whether or not its your own.

Part of the problem is also due to the fact that Comedy Central's shows and the station itself get a ton of publicity every time they do this, whether its anti Catholic or anti Jew and recently anti Muslim -

Maybe we should have a entity outside of the USA threaten to behead those who attack our religions so that Comedy Central makes a new rule replacing the one that bans attacks only on the Islam. That rule would be no religious attacks on any programs, including stand up comics who along with South Park are regularly the most offensive to anyone who believes in God, regardless of which religion they belong to.

So, am I offended at this latest attack on a religion, you bet. But I'm also aware of the publicity these attacks provide the show & the station abd the fact that the station will do nothing but sit back and enjoy the fray.

We need to join together and condemn all attacks on religion, be it Catholic or Jewish and find a way to resolve this constant problem with this station.

The site appears to represent an offensive, divisive, hateful, anti-semitic, anti- Israel and any other negative adjective message one can find; and appears to be geared to those who are bigoted and who have no respect for Israeli democracy and inalienable rights, let alone the perceived and implied reference the the Jewish people, notwithstanding any protestations to the contrary. It certainly lacks good taste and decency.
SG Su16V10

It just occurred to me - perhaps Comedy Central was contacted by Muslims who wanted payback for the anti Muslim offense and this is it.

Comedy Central caved because violence was threatened. I'm sure if you threated the producers and their families with violence they would cave again. But the question is to what level do you stoop? South Park does not seem to spare any group in its satire. I don't know why you would want to put us in the same class as the nuts who killed Theo Van Gogh and hounded Rushdie.

Who decides at Comedy Central that it is wrong to offend Muslims by showing "unacceptable" portrayals of Allah, yet it is perfectly okay to depict inflammatory falsehoods about Jews? How funny is that?

Who are the developers of this racist game? The names of all responsible for this should be in the public domain.

first the nazi propaganda in germany in the thirties. then the anti Semitic programing on arab tv stations, and now comedy central. its breathtaking how evil masquerades as banal and spreads.

Comedy Central must be suffering from an immense blind rage against Israel and us Israelis to promote this repugnant "game".
First they submit to fanatic Jihadist Islamists and censor their own freedom of speech, and now, in order to acknowledge their support of terrorism even further, they incite an hatred of Jews like any other Fascist or Neo-Nazi. Comedy Central must surely be proud of themselves. Perhaps hoping for a hug from Ahmadinejad or Nasrallah?

Disgusting behavior that frequently leads to violence against Jews. It must be stopped immediately.

The online "game" is despicable deceitful @ void of the truth. Shame on you for stooping so low.

Your tasteless, offensive, sick and disgusting program directed against a Jewish Producer is also very lacking in creativity. It represents the lowest of the low in children's programming, and it needs to be taken off the internet immediately. You recently removed a Southpark episode solely because a Muslim leader was hidden in a bear suit. That was produced at the expense of those who follow that religious leader, so was tasteless and offensive to many people. If you remove one program because it offends you also need to remove this one. Even without the negative racial and religious lessons it teaches children, the violent subject matter is not fit for children. My children would not be watching any of your programming with such tasteless and stupid subject matter.

How prejudiced can you get? Shall I make up a game called MOHAMED? MUSLIM? BRITAIN? AMERICA? You can be prejudiced in any direction you like BUT YOU WILL ALWAYS PICK ON THIS TINY COUNTRY and you will always COVER YOUR FACE because YOU ARE A COWARD and don't TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOR ACTIONS. BASICALLY YOU ARE JEALOUS BECAUSE OF WHAT WE ACHIEVE AND YOU DON'T

the only reason they do it is that they know that Jews won't issue death fatwas or blow themselves up in restaurants.

Anti-Semites when in disfavour always blame the Jews to take the heat off them. Here we go again

Making killing and murdering a game has been proven to lead to anti-social behavior. With the victims in "You Lied to me, Jew Producer" being inocent children whose only guilt is being born into Jewish families and inocent women and men whose guilt is being a different religion, this "game" is teaching Nazi ideas to everyone who plays it. "You Lied to me, Jew Producer" is hate mongering and should be pulled.

Surprised that you did not do your homework. The game comes from the movie "Drawn Together Movie: The Movie"
which comes from the hit CC show DRAWN TOGETHER.

The charachter I.S.R.A.E.L is as anti-Semitic or anti-Israel as you are.

Drawn Together is an equal opportunity offender - and pushes the envelope pretty far.

It is eaay to understand why CC censored South Park. CC is afraid of being killed my Muslims who don't like being made fun of. Something we Jews do not do.

Before I comment on this game I'd like to see it for myself, but can't find it on the Comedy Central site. Could someone please send me a link?
I'm assuming that Mohammed isn't anywhere in sight on this game?

This is not only offensive, it is irresponsible. It promotes antisemitism and anti-Israeli propaganda.

It is offensive, disgusting and should be removed.

A "funny game" of promoting hatred against Jews and any democratic country, is not a game and is not funny.

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