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Tuesday, May 4 2010

The Beeb's Legal Opinion

BBCI'm tired of the BBC spouting off definitive legal opinions in its own voice:

The settlements are illegal under international law, although Israel disputes this.

Attributing this opinion to specific people, organizations, or even "the international community" wouldn't be a big deal. To better understand why "Israel disputes this" (i.e., disputes the BBC), see Eugene Kontorovich, Mitchell Bard, Eugene Rostow, and Jeffrey Helmreich, among others.

If the Beeb wants to weigh in against settlements in its own voice, here's one throwaway line that makes sense -- because it clearly labels the BBC's view.

Settlements may be legal in international law, but the BBC disputes this.



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Whilst it is fair to say that some legal experts regard the settlements are legal I believe that the overwhelming body of legal opinion consider the settlements as illegal. Over 160 countries of the UN have on a number of occasions voted that the settlements are illegal (including many who don't have any particular axe to grind) and less than 10 opposed that view. The International Court of Justice have decided in a non- binding agreement that the settlements are illegal.
One is usually able to find a disenting opinion over most things and therefore I dont think you should get too upset if the BBC follows the International Court & the UN and reports the question of illegality in this way

Funny... When it comes to the "T-word," the BBC is much more cautious.

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