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Thursday, May 27 2010

SUCCESS! - Comedy Central Caves in to Pressure

• The offensive "I.S.R.A.E.L. Attack!" game is removed in its entirety following HonestReporting's successful campaign: SUCCESS! - Comedy Central Caves in to Pressure

• A NY Times syndicated cartoonist draws an inappropriate response to a Palestinian donkey bomb: Cartoonist Makes an Ass of Himself



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It is the NYT, progressivism's closest approximation to literacy. What do you think they are going to cartoon, the hypocrisy of the payola of the Philistines from the Iranians while (and for) inculcating hatred of Jews?

Anything else than understanding this seriously skewed environment is similar to expecting Chris Matthews to excoriate the current president of the US for his Liberal Fascist behaviour.

You Won! We Won!

Great job, Honest Reporting - keep up the good work.

I'm happy to report my tiny part in joining the thousands of others who protested - what I did was sent eMails to those companies whose advertising appeared on the page alongside the odious game.

Thank you for your tremendous work in getting the piece removed from Comedy Central. It's important for people to keep in mind that this kind of result is only possible with an organized effort such as the one you conducted. I, for one, will send a donation to you today, and I hope that others, inspired by your efforts, will also hasten to donate. You guys are inspiring and may you merit blessings from Above to keep up the good work and continue to advocate for our meritorious nation. Hatzlocha!

Danziger obviously has not seen the report on the well published ratio of civilians to terrorists (sorry militants).
The US kills 29 civilians to one militant, Britain 34 to 1. Israel ONE to ONE.
Danziger should cast his mind back to 1967 or 1973 if he wast to play the disproportionate use of force - proportions in the millions opposing a few hundred thousand against Israel.
Truth and reality escapes these people!

We must have patience. The Slimes is slowly, but surely, sinking into the cesspool, and it won't be missed, except by the Upper West Side of New York.

I was happy to see the results you achieved but I found your headline disturbing"Comedy central caves in to pressure".To me it sound like you are gloating.I think a much better headline would have been "Comedy central withdraws offensive program" or something similar but the way you phrase sound arrogant and almost like we beat them.I dont think that is the message you should be trying to send.I think your organization dose a great job but I dont think the message should be "we beat them".I think the message should be that we got them to understand our position.

Whilst one should bear in mind that Israel is not perfect and does make poor decisions and err from time-to-time, I always wonder why there are so many of the brethren that are so anti-Israel or perhaps, wish to illustrate how open-minded they are. Danziger is just another example of this and unfortunately, he is far from alone in the USA and elsewhere.

I do not like your headline: "Comedy Central Caves in to Pressure." Wouldn't it be more appropriate to state something like: "Comedy Central Rethinks Their Position as a Result of Your Letters." Your headline makes it sound like people don't think, all they do is tally votes. This world might improve if people would think more independently, and care less about what others think.

This is the second attempt to distort events and perpetuate anti-Israel propaganda by Comedy Central in recent weeks; the "game" I.S.R.A.E.L. was just taken off the site...Perhaps we need to speak out about this...

I wonder what would have happened if he had parked his ass in Times Square?

Thank you, Honest Reporting.
Thank you, Comedy Central.

I agree with Jeff Danzinger, maybe the better idea is for Israel to strap a bomb to Jeff and send him to Gaza or for the Palestinians to stop the terrorism all together, sign a peace treaty and recognize Israel!

It would be helpful for those of us who are not so literate if HR were to prepare a suggested standard response format which we could then adapt as and when required prior to sending into the offending and offensive publication.

Hats off to HonestReporting. Kol Hakavod.

It seems clear to me that Mr. Danziger's cartoon is meant to suggest a massive overreaction by Israel when faced with as crude a method of attempted murder as a donkey bomb. This attitude conveys an ignorant contempt for the lethality of such a device, which, in this case, did not produce any human casualties.

Since Mr. Danziger is aware that a human being killed by a bomb carried by a donkey is exactly as dead as a human being killed by any other method, the suggestion that the method used by Palestinian murderers to make this attack does not merit a strong Israeli response (never mind that such an attach was not, in fact, made) reveals a lamentable bias against Israel and by extension, Jewish people.

How do these things make it past the editor of the New York Times?

I wonder how Danziger would react if his neighbor strapped explosives to the pet dog and detonated it next to his kids. Perhaps Danziger believes Israel should be using donkeys to defend against donkeys. This is just another opportunity, jumped on of course, for left wing, self hating Jews like Danziger to castigate Israel for standing up for itself. Attacks against Jews are belittled while acts of self-defense are vilified. I imagine Danziger and his ilk would also ridicule Jews who killed nazis in self-defense.

Concerning the inappropriate cartoon I think that especially your fourth point

"So, while Palestinian terrorists blow up defenseless animals in an effort to indiscriminately kill human beings, the Israel Air Force destroys terrorist infrastructure in pinpoint strikes with no human casualties."

is very important, since the cartoonist actually suggests that donkeys are the ONLY WEAPONS of palestinian terrorists!!! NO mention of the donkey been torn apart by a vicious bomb, killing the innocent animal and possibly any farmers and children next to it!!!

Palestinian donkeys against against Israeli rockets - yeah - donkeys look really innocent and can once more be used in hate propaganda against Israel!!! And once more the terrorists have proven that they absolutely have NO PROBLEM whatsoever to tear apart children and animals alike!

Please don't use phrases like "caves in to pressure". Neither productive nor conducive to establishing/ maintaining good relationships.

Comedy Central and any person or entity that may be connected with it is/are no longer to be viewed in my home.

Comedy Central and any person or entity that may be connected with it is/are no longer to be viewed in my home.

Danziger makes an ass of himself.

He works for the New York times.
What else would you expect?

There is a large stable of such equine posteriors at The NYT.

It is typical of the garbage progressive ultra liberal NYT. That is why I no longer read it. I am so sick of the ultra liberal press and having been a liberal (I have changed) I am so sick of the present administration which seems to be so anti Isreal. I certainly will not vote for them again in November.

to Allan Wolman: I would be grateful if you can post the link to the report you mentioned on your comment "the report on the well published ratio of civilians to terrorists" or where can it be found. This will be very useful for everyone to quote when they are faced by such fact fabrications. Thanks

Congratulations! Mazal-tov!

Way to go! Perhaps at this rate Israelis can once again be seen as the heroes they are. FWIW,I'm a 62 year old non Jewish atheist who in effect grew up with Israel. Nothing I like better than to lock horns with self righeous antisemites.

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