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Monday, May 31 2010

Special Alert: Flotilla Battle Unleashes Anti-Israel Wave

Will the media report accurately and fairly as anti-Israel activists violently resist an IDF naval boarding with tragic results?

See HonestReporting's special report: Flotilla Battle Unleashes Anti-Israel Wave



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I read the Ft. Laud. papers this morning and there is already the feeling of anger and distrust about Israel, nothing new of course, there is always bias in all these papers.
I'm sure it will get worse.
Hamas has a lot of countries on it's side and now with Turkey angry at Israel, G-d knows what will happen.
Let's get together and help the media for Israel's sake.
Betty Swirsky

I hope Israel does not appologies!!!! Nor do we see too many appologies in the local media.

We have to get someone in the Media to explain this horrible situation and get it right. Perhaps you can contact such as Rachael Maddow, or someone of this calibar to address this problem. I would send it to Maddow but do not have her e-mail address, nor do I have Keith Oberman address. These kind of Journalist speak out. I have send articles to Brian Williams on NBC but to no avail.
Gus Zoref

Great work! Yishar kochachem!

I am so angered by the violence of the reporter on the Tv lunchtime news in her hatred of Israel. her language confirms the war-mongering attitude amongst so-called "peace activists". When the presenter in the studio tried to point out in the interests of fairness that the Israeli's claim that had first been attacked, she interrupted "no, no we do Not have to point that out". Un fortunatly the media damage has already been done, people believe the first headlines of things. Who is going to check out the fact that the israeli's offerred an alternative route for the aid packages to arrive safely? Where is the journalist who will bother to include it in tomorrow's newspaper?

I think in future Israel should simply torpedo boats on missions like this and leave the loons to perish in the water. It doesn't matter what Israel does, they're going to get bad press both in IslamoNazi al-Jazeera and the neo-Bolshevik American media, and there's no sense in getting good Israeli soldiers killed for trying to treat radical Islamofascists with mercy and/or equal justice. To paraphrase a bit of 19th century wisdom from the old American west: "The only good violent radical is a dead one."

israel needs to find weapons on-board these ships,
to show the west the truth.and even if they find weapons,the arabs.will say the israeli military planted them.

Brace for a long and difficult situation. And be prepared to fight back the amoral hypocrisy of all the European governments and organizations. They will try to twist both your arms. And don't forget Obama. For as much as he is in trouble with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, he'll , for sure, try, again , to put the whole blame on Israeli marine and commandos: Finally, on your government and country.

what a terribly one sided report there has bees on DRS 3 in Switzerland. Shameful.
The reporter is in Israel and continuesly sends out such reports.
One would never allow a similar reporter in Syria, or other Arab countries.
Why do we?
Can anything be done to stop such villaneous and harmful lies?

When will it ever end?

The whole thing was a set-up, to seek an escalation in anti-Israel sentiment. THANK YOU, HR for bringing out the reality of this situation. The Islamic liars and their apologists have no intentions that there would ever be peace for Jews or Israelis - no matter where on Earth they live. I will continue to support HR and stand with Israel. KAFIR AND PROUD!

Time for Israel to take news people with them from FOX, BBC and Israel TV and Papers, so they can report live from the spot, with the truth.

Hit them first do not wait.

After thousands of years and even up to the last 60-70 years, the world knows exactly who Israel is. We are an open society and there is little left to prove. Those who love us will always love us. The others simply do not matter. We are in an existential battle for our survival and not a popularity contest. God bless every soul that stands with Israel. God bless our friends.

Bravo à Israël!
Comme lors de l'offensive à Gaza la communauté internationale qui arme les terroristes crache le venin de son indignation sélective...
Honte à la France qui ne soutient pas Israël!
La France est en passe d'etre islamisée totalement.
Je veux vous dire mon dégout envers la politique pro-arabe de la France.Sarkozy à trahi ses engagements politiques,ooù est la rupture?

Dominic Waghorn on normally fairly balanced SKY News has given one of his biased reports. Saying that "most Israelis see the action as cack-handed" (i.e. a clumsy foul-up)

He consistently reports negatively about Israel and recylces pro-Pal messages in the guise of background colour, a la BBC. I have written to editors of SKY several times recently with examples suggesting that they post him elsewhere!

It is sickening to see how easily groups like ISM who not only sympathize but actively support terrorism can still fool the world by pretending to be peace activists. However the key to all the wave of propaganda to de-legitemize Israel is Turkey. It is clear that Turkey with its Islamic government has decided an "Islamist" leader instead of the example of moderation and enlightened Islamic country it used to be. Turkey which has been using air power and force against the Curds way before the conflict between Israel and Hammas started, is the last country in the world that can lecture anyone about how to treat minorities with claims to statehood. The Curdes have by far more legitimate claims than the Palestinians. It is time for Israel and other western countries to stop living under the illusions that Turkey is the same country of several years ago, and treat it like the Islamist country it has become.

This is an outrage!!! What is it! Why can't Israel just be!! Why so much hatred towards Israel???!!! Who is Truly behind this Machiavellian attack against a people of peace! Beloved Israel, you have more people on your side than you can Imagine!!! Do not Permit the media to fool you Into thinking that the whole world is against Israel!!! Those who are for Israel have to be more Vociferous in their condemnation of these dastardly acts. We are for Zion!!

Israel failed miserably

No doubt is a shameful failure. In spite of all the tens of Israeli trucks that deliver tons of supplies to Gaza, in spite that the Arab Countries and Egypt in particular maintain their boycott and supplies control to Gaza in order to keep a bellicose population for more than 60 years now, in spite that the Palestinians and specially Hamas not only stay firm in a permanent warpath and continue shooting rockets on a daily basis but they also do not recognize Israel's right to exist having repeatedly declared their aim to destroy it, in spite that its widely known that Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon has placed thousands of rockets provided by Iran and Syria to be fired anytime against Israel, in spite that it is widely known that Hamas in Gaza has placed thousands of rockets provided by Iran (Egypt?) to be fired anytime against Israel, in spite that it is known that the humanitarian help-boats to Gaza may be carrying hidden weapons, as it already happened in the past, in spite that we are sure that NO OTHER NATION will tolerate to deal with an enemy who expressly declares its destruction until it renounces that purpose, and therefore any control of weapons delivery is justified, in spite of all that Israel failed miserably to clearly broadcast facts through the media to a world that uses the following principle:

"If I express solidarity with Israel, the Muslims (and the globalized Judeophobics) will cut me in little pieces, not before raping me together with all my family. But if otherwise I express solidarity with the Palestinians, Israel will only stop ..... talking to me"

Hey, what would you do? Easy choice, right?

Only those who are not sympathetic towards Israel, and there are many, would believe that this "humanitarian" action had the people of Gaza in mind and heart when they tried to break through the Israeli blockaid.
Israel handed a well developed country when they gave Gaza to the Palestinians. Their response was to distroy the agriculture, and the homes previously owned by the Israeli residents.
Now Hamas is intent to destroy its fellow citizens in their hatred of Israels right to exsist

Quote: "Will the media report accurately and fairly as anti-Israel activists violently resist an IDF naval boarding with tragic results?"

Hahahahaha! Are you kidding me? Of course they won't. The EU, France, Germany, and others have already begun the condemnation of Israel.

The media has shot first and will ask questions, no, strike that, report later.

Overall, the world's media is stridently anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian. There will not be one paragraph of balanced journalism, let alone truthful reportage.

Silly rhetorical question yet, unfortunately, it had to be asked.

Israel should sink every craft in the water, period. Don't worry about repercussions from the world powers, I know that one Jew plus God is a majority in anyones mathematics.

Show me a state in the world who would allow armed terrorists to rearm themselves freely, and you would then be entitled, to criticise Israel

Israel took the right action. Any other country would have done the same thing.

Hamas wants the destruction of Israel so those who were on the ships to Gaza.

Of course this will not be fairly reported. I just watched CNN and MSNBC, very non objective and pro terrorist. Why has no one thought of these "spontaneous" demonstrations as very carefully staged and pre-planned. Why has no one mentioned that Israel asked the supplies be sent overland or pre-inspected in Cyprus? The answer "blame the Jews." I wrote CNN and will contact the Buchanon lover MSNBC. things are not looking good for us.

I've been keeping my eye on Al Jazeera Canada during this current incident. As the network is still relatively new to Canadian airwaves I can still be surprised by its unadulterately biased reporting of events and prejudicial language. I had not expected to hear any counterbalancing Israeli spokespeople, at least none who were not anti-Zionist leftists. Miraculously, Mark Regev and an Israeli defence analyst with a long beard were actually interviewed but by a very disrespectful, aggressive British female interviewer. She kept cutting off their replies, as if the Israeli viewpoint were essentially irrelevant. Watching the propaganda machine of Al Jazeera in real time action is a little frightening but also very instructive. Know your enemy!

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