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Wednesday, May 5 2010

Should Israel Launch a Satellite News Channel?

China's launching a 24-hour, English-language satellite news channel in July.

Is it time for Israel to do the same?  



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Yes. Long past time actually.

Only if they know what to put in it and how, we cannot afford an excellence in boredom 24 hours news channel.

Israel should only launch such a channel if they have actual western marketing, PR people helping run it, instead of the idiots out of Israel now who have no idea what to say and what not to say, and how to say it.

Not if the gov't. runs it & most certainly not if Israeli academics & media have anything to do with it. Knowing how things work here in Israel, it would end up sounding like Al-Jazeera or Haaretz.

Should Israel launch one? No.
Should an independant Israeli corporation launch one? Yes.

If Israel does launch a Satellite news channel, would it be available on Freeview over here?

The only question is why hasn't one been established long ago. Why has Israel left the media podium open for the exclusive use of those seeking its demonization and delegitimatization? Arrogance blinds them from engaging in effective hasbara.

OMG YES! It can't hurt!!!!

Certainly should. An Israeli broadcasting satellite is long overdue. The only problem is funding, but that could be taken care of by recycling the bribe money that Olmert received.

I'm all for it, except I don't see how we have the resources to do it right.

Most definately....
Mainly English, followed by Hebrew..
Looking forward to the introduction

We should have had a station 30 years ago. It should be unashamedly pro-Israel all the time, full of the positive things that are going on here, inc.Arabs having good medical treatment in Kupat Cholim, Arab students in out Universities, etc. As stated above by others, all the badmouthing about us is already taken care of by our "intellectuals" who go blabbering to the BBC about how bad we are.
"The world" will only love us if we love ourselves.

1000 times YES as this is about the number of times a
month,I have to answer critics who cannot tell the difference between the lies and distortions and double standards of the BBC and CNN and "Honest Reporting"

Great Idea, but not new idea. I have been trying to get Israel to do similar projects since 1989! I even developed a logo. The station should be independent of politics. Is this possible in Israel?






Been in Israel 14 times and in the IDF as a VFI four times. I would love to be on the steering committee. Maybe a celebrity would help sponsor such a project?

Phil Miller

What's out there already? There are three Jewish networks that carry some Israeli programs...There already is a cable channel in the US that broadcasts in Hebrew (with no subtitles) a host of Israeli television shows - some good, some awful -- to Israelis expats. Subtitles to their present programming and ADDING ADDITIONAL CONTENT LIKE BELOW would be cheaper… (And speaking of cost, the problem is the high cost of subscription to the above; to reach a wide audience it has to be free with regular cable packages/sat transmissions.)

Most viewers are going to be Jewish, but let’s face it: Few in the diaspora have a clue about life in Israel or the Israeli mindset and like everyone else view Israel through the lens of conflict (from Jews-Arabs to Orthodox-Establishment-everyone else) or religion (Kotel, Massada). It's about time they were exposed to the real Israel - whether through the lens of plays such as Sobol's "Ghetto" or films like "Yossi and Jagger".

What else is missing? In the news department, timely news should not be just conflict-driven (this is even true of the IBA broadcast, so what do we want from CNN?). I'm not just talking off the top of my head:

Check out Chelm-on-the-Med Online at - an Internet news site that 'exposes' all the nervy and nutty things Israelis do that never makes the Washington Post – not even the Jerusalem Post. Such 'soft news' is also ‘the real Israel’ and woefully missing …

There is a televised derivative of the Internet site - 2 minute weekly animated segments now looking for stations (and sponsors) that will want to air them to close or follow news from and about Israel with something upbeat and offbeat. If anyone is interested, there is a demo - (and it's already generating interest abroad).

Much as I agree with all HR's debunking of the junk that BBC and the UN put out, I have to ask, "Who would watch it?"

Not the people we need to convince.

A liberal relative announced at Passover that "I don't allow FoxNews turned on in my house!"

The same phenomenon would occur with this hypothetical news channel.

I say use that money to create smarter and more believable public relations. Then just employ the standard media channels already available.

Honestly, it would help if Israel would once in a while admit making a mistake. Doing that keeps media news-choosers and the general public listening.

It makes your news and PR output less one-sided, more objective—and thus credible.

Love HR's work. Don't stop.

Absolutely!!! It is time now to be heard,

If this project is about getting "a message" out, please don't call it a "news" station.

Yes, please do, Israel. No one else is telling the world what you have to tell them. I would suggest using English for the west's prime time hours and Hebrew for the prime time hours in the East.

Yes, there should be an Israel news channel with thoughtful commentary, showing the diversity of opinion at an editorial level -and insisting on factual accuracy at the news level. The facts on the ground here show the greatness of this country and her positive and out-sized contribution to the world, as well as the immediate region. It is time to at least add our voice to that of the other news stations that purport to educate the world about the Jewish State. This station must be of the absolute highest caliber - otherwise it will add nothing.

Yes, yes, if it follows the suggestions and comments made by Helen Porath and Phillip Miller. Of course there are pitfalls to broadcasting if the Israeli government or any political, religious group is in control but I am confident that if the kinds of information I read in Hadassah Magazine for instance, are programed, a much more positive impression of the State of Israel and it's people will result.

Absolutely yes.

It should be fair unbiased and reflect the real .. on the ground .. issues (Good and bad).

Most importantly it should be run independently (or at least with an independent charter) and run in a western (for western audiences) and Arabic format at appropriate times.

... no more perceived Israeli arrogance ... we have to beat them all at their own game.

OK Where do we go from here?

As a start, may I suggest that HR to send copies of our comments, along with a cover letter, to a celebrity who might help us get the ball rolling.
Someone like Steven Allan Spielberg, Barbra Joan Streisand, or Alan Morton Dershowitz might be interested?

HR are you interested in becoming the catalyst?

Yes! It's high time Israel had a voice to counteract the ridiculous lies that are being continuously being sprouted by the media!This is long overdue!!!

I am a huge supporter of Israel World TV, a dream thought of by the legendary Tzafrir Ronen, may G-d bless his soul.

Make his dream a reality.

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