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Thursday, May 13 2010

Remove Hamas' Terror Tweets

TwitterWhy is Twitter enabling Hamas to spread its propaganda with an official account?

That's what Jacob Shrybman of the Sderot Media Center wondered when he discovered @AlqassamBrigade, which links to an official Hamas web site. So he sent a complaint to Twitter's powers-that-be and received this automated reply:

Twitter provides a communication service. As a policy, we do not mediate content or intervene in disputes between users. Users are allowed to post content, including potentially inflammatory content, provided that they do not violate the Twitter Terms of Service and Rules (name calling is not a violation) . . . .

If a violent threat is posted in the future, please let us know, and send the status link.

Which left Shrybman wondering:

So, only if Hamas tweets about the imminent launch of a missile attack will Twitter take action?

A look at the account shows that AlqassamBrigade has 283 followers and posted 955 tweets. It's clearly active.

What about freedom of speech?

Even if AlqassamBrigade were only tweeting inanities like Ismail Haniyeh's breakfast, Gilad Shalit's backgammon style, or how bad the Rafah tunnels smell everytime they smuggle goats, it would still humanize Hamas.

The tweets I saw weren't of that nature. One tweet claiming "American-Israeli conspiracy against Jerusalem" was typical in that it sought to drive web traffic to a Hamas web site with a hyperlink.

So in a not-so-dramatic way, Twitter's facilitating the propaganda efforts of a designated terror organization.

What can you do?

Follow @SderotMedia and send a complaint to Twitter. Click for contact info.



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Hamas is at its fooundation a terrorist movement and if you give it a platform you are encouraging terror! This can easily boomerang!

How can we prossure them to stop those tweets

when they (the moslems) post this trash it only proves to me and the rest of the world that you never hear the sane moslems protest! either they are afraid of their own people or they secretly agree with the radicals. i have no respect for these cowards.i personally can't wait for a showdown and we finish with these murders once and for all. the world will be a better place as benjamin franklyn taught them a lesson when they destroyed our ships and held americans for ransom and sold them into slavery.

I don't believe that Twitter is totally innocent in this situation,as we know you can build an army of negativity against anyone or any Nation, with the internet information highway.This could be a dangerous forum to allow and really an abuse for freedom of communication in the worst way. So I call for common Sense to prevail and don't watch and wait for something to to happen, because it will

This is outrageous. Is there a way to track/put red-flags on the people that are following them on twitter though?

To the fanatic Moslem world the Jews are only for lunch. If they can ever digest us, then they will start on the Christians. After the Christians and Jews are out of the way, the Sunnis and the Shia will spend eternity killing each other in the name of Allah

May God help us all.

I cannot understand that responsable people with ethical values can accept to promote messages of that type. The heritage of these responsable people must say no to that kind of provocation. And this position should be systematically kept otherwise there might be very surprising results to this unresponsible slackening.

If Twitter's bosses cn allow this sort of slanderous communication then it is no longer a creditable source and should be avoided by decent thinking people and blacklisted. How can anyone condone spreading terrorist Hamas propoganda with the excuse of "they are just namecalling". Only morons would comment like that.

I think that is terrible that a miltiant organization with a passion for destruction be given access to media and communicaton devices. Twitter should support actions being taken in the international community to stop Hamas!

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