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Sunday, May 23 2010

'Jew Producer' Silenced: Comedy Central Update

Your protests hold Comedy Central to account but an offensive game remains "hidden" online.

See HonestReporting's latest communique: "Jew Producer" Silenced: Comedy Central Update



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I sent an email to Comedy Central daring them to treat Islam in the same way. Sure they will. NOT!!

Who was the genius who wrote this "game" and who decided that it should be published?
Maybe once a month you should do a recap and name names?

i think Jon Stewart should be contacted about this.

just remember,the gas chambers are alive and well but I won't go peacefully without a fight.

Andrew Breitbart, who runs Big Hollywood, most certainly does care about Israel and Jewish concerns!

Get it right, Honest Reproting.

Otherwise, great job!

I agree with you 100%, when Israel does something the press will rush and exagerate tremendously but when Hamas destroys and kills nothing is heard.
Thanks for doing such a great job !
Betty Swirsky

So comedy-central have tried to hide ..that just exposes them all the more. people must be alerted of their true colours.. not only do they spread Lies and dissention about Israel but they refuse to listen to mass criticism except to try to escape from where it might hurt their image.

Why not organize a boycott of Comedy Central and its advertisers? That would put the fear of God in them.

There is no excuse for lack of sensitivity and corporate greed. Remember: pick on someone who is smaller and easily the subject of abuse. Morons!

"...Comedy Central appears to have recognized that the anti-Semitism of the "Jew Producer" was unacceptable and removed it. But why is the game still online? Does Comedy Central believe that the association of Israel with child killing is any more acceptable?"

Of course they don't. Why not have them produce a game. Islam attack!
I mean, since Islam has attacked out of arabia since Mohammed died, and so declared it's intension, killing over 270 millions over these years, why not make an explicit 'game' showing it's self declared history. In fact maybe someone can send them a brief history of all the many slaughters by Islam to authenticate the need for the 'cartoon', unlike say, Israel, that was attacked by multiple nations devoted to erasing it's existence. Ah...maybe a review of the attack by the turks against Vienna in 1683- and the day they were finally defeated
on 9/11.

We should remember that day.... because muslims surely did and they even took time to slaughter almost 3,000 helpless citizens, non soldiers, who were a miraculously small number, compared to the 50,000 who might have died that day had the buildings toppled. But then, that wouldn't make much of a cartoon story.... would it

Unfortunately, Canadian viewers cannot directly contact Comedy Central. Access to its website is blocked by its Canadian counterpart, 'Comedy Network', a different entity entirely. If possible, please use this message, to let Comedy Central know that I find its 'Jew Producer' content anti-Semitic, damaging and deeply offensive. I can't believe that Comedy Central would so cheapen itself with this garbage.

Sorry folks: This is the price we pay for Freedom of Expression. The only acid test must remain: Clear and present danger! This is satire and does not live up to that threat.

These sort of games are sickening, even without attacking persons or states that cannot defend themselves. They serve no other purpose then making a quick buck.

Perhaps the following video should be brought to the attention of Comedy Central:

Keep up the good work!

David Mescheloff

It is a partial victory for H.R. but the I.S.R.A.E.L. ATTACK game should be wholly removed! The whole premis of the game is blatant anti-semitism, and just crass.
Don't people have better things to do with their time?

I am able to laugh at errors, satire, etc. EXCEPT when it plays with the lives of hundreds of innocent victims on both sides of an issue. When sensitive political discussions are occuring, when civilians and children are being killed due to the fomenting of hatred and lies,I cannot understand or tolerate a Comedy station exploiting games like i.s.r.a.e.l attacks!

I find it interesting that Israel, whose mothers and children are targeted by its enemies, and yet Israel, which takies great pains to avoid killing noncomatants in the defense of its existence, is slandered as indiscrininately killing all in their path. Note that the US's actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, where there is often considerable collateral damage, does not suffer from US media in the same way. It is a curious world that turns the facts on their head. By hammering away with this slander, the media is gaining more and more acceptance of it. It appears that the "Big Lie" remains alive and well.

Comedy Central is wrong and so is HR. Publish the offensive cartoons of Mahomed and label them as such. The same with the offensive anti-Israel games; publish and label them anti-semitic. We are champions of the freedom of thought and speech the tyrants oppose.

So until overt anti-Semitism becomes respectable again, Comedy Central will hide behind ostensibly political attacks on imaginary Israeli excesses. Political speech is much harder to stifle, even when it is dishonest and bigoted.

What is unacceptable is the management of Comedy Central would approve of this ugliness in the first place. To remove easy access of this progeram and still keept the electronic image still available on the website is pure fools' gold. Just remove the whole thing and learn your lesson. Apparently, Comedy Central still has to learn something.

Comedians as a group(not all of them of course) are known to be suffering from depression.
Are we to deduce that Comedy Central in the case of I.S.R.E.A.L seeks out the kind of material that not only is depressing but depraved and calls it Comedy?
We are watching your comedy acts and aim to bring you to your senses. You badly need to develop a modicum of good taste. An affront is an affront and it can not be glazed over as comedy.

Hiding bigotry behind a neutral name does not make it less bigotry. Removing the barefaced "Jew Producer" opening is appreciated. Now Comedy Central needs to remove the game itself which can only promote false and negative images of Israel in young minds.

Good on you 2. Keep up the good work.

I played the game for a few seconds. I think they did the right thing by deleting the unnecessary and annoying dialog.

I understand what the game author was going for with the implementation, but I don't think it they were successful, not by a country mile. The implementation does not clearly portray an idea that makes any sense for what the player is asked to achieve, for whom, and against whom. Most important, the game does not put player in a very positive light at all! The whole thing is a cartoon, I think the idea is that I'm supposed to erase cartoon characters with the cartoon mecha, but I don't know why. IT IS REALLY THE WRONG METAPHOR TO BE USING, since it looks too much like you're killing cartoon representations of kids and things with bullets. Ew.

In regard to the name, The acronym makes my head strain, so instead I think of the mecha as The Eraser Lady, so the acronym doesn't stick with me at all, but frankly I don't think of "Eraser Lady" as an improvement. "Eraser Lady" with these graphics is just mean.

Don't let the "Momsers" of "Comedy Central" get away with their viscious anti- Semitism. I don't care how much Obama tries to ingratiate himself with the Muslims. No american should stand stillfor this type of material. Goebbels aws given a pass. Dont give a pas to the current Goebbels " wannabees.

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