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Thursday, May 13 2010

Guess Who 'Enjoys' US-Israeli Tensions

Who is having an "unusual and enjoyable new experience" watching the US-Israel spat? Find out at HonestReporting's latest communique: Guess Who 'Enjoys' US-Israeli Tensions



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surely no one is surprised, who follows the writings of JB.

The BBC as usual is as opaque as its journalists accuse the government of not being transparent.

Until they publish the Balen report there is absolutly no point in taking them seriously-
Even though they are a danger to those who they are bias towards.

Whatever Bowen's other sins, in this case it's quite obvious that he was talking about the Palestinian reaction to the Israel-U.S. spat, rather than his own. The fact that the next sentence includes the phrase, "is even better for the Palestinian[s]" makes it quite clear that Palestinian reactions to the situation are what is being discussed.

Guys, sometimes you have to be less eager to "score zingers" - it reduces your credibility!

Thanks as always for your constant vigilance HR. I don't even read the BBC's coverage of the Middle East anymore.

Personally I think calling Bowen to be sacked is a bit harsh, but the BBC must acknowledge the partial nature of its Middle East reporting and address this.

It sounds like Jeremy Bowen and George Galloway are "two peas in the same pot"
except that Bowen is working for the largest publicly funded media organization in the world. The only "glitch" that exists is the "anti-Semitic gene" that both of them are inflicted with.

The means and methods used by BBC editor Jeremy Bowen against Israel is deplorible. It is my opinion that the BBC should have higher standards for its employees.

no suprise there then. do those teeth look a bit like fangs to you?

Why? Because he reflects the BBC's well known bias in the middle east.

I realize that this guy hates Israel, but you guys are being a bit too paranoid. Even with the "glitch", a simple reading implies that the Palestinians are the one who are finding it enjoyable.

No one should be surprised by anti-Israel rhetoric from Bowen, the BBC or the British gov't that have been unsupportive of Israel with failure since 1948.

I think it is important to make the point that Arabs live in Israel, so why do Jews need to leave any land that my be handed to Palestinians after negotiations.
Arabs do not fear for their lives in Israel, neither should Jews fear for their lives under a different administration.
If you wan equal negotiations then perhaps the Israeli Arabs should also be part of the talks.

It is important that the WORLD UNDERSTANDS THIS.


I have some questions for you. After WWI there was a conference held in Paris which led to the San Remo treaty of 1920 or 21. That treaty gave Israel ownership of Jerusalem. It was signed by representatives of the governments of England, Turkey, France, Italy & perhaps other nations as well as a representative of the Zionist Jews and an Arab King.
The Unites States monitored the conference and treaty but was not a party to either.

At some point after that a document known as the Churchil papers (Churchill had nothing to do with this document) was signed by a Jewish member of England's Parliment and an Arab King giving over part of Jerusalem to Arab control in exchange for stopping the riots in the streets by Arabs. I've been told that England has no right to alter the San Remo treaty.

I find it odd that neither Arabs or Jews have made this treaty and any amendments to it known to the public nor have either party turned to the international courts to have the treaty enforced.

One would naturally think that having such a document would make either or both parties try to resolve the conflict in the courts instead of by shedding blood.

This treaty has received some attention recently as April was the aniversary of its signing and the city of San Remo, Italy had a celebration where people from all over the world were in attendence and a lawyer, Dr. Gautier released his doctoral papers on this very subject, now in book form he answers the question of who owns Jersulam and his findings reach the conclusion that its Jews who own Jerusalem.

Perhaps the problem lies in the part of the treaty that prohibits Jews from ousting any other religious group that lived in Jerusalam at that time and ongoing. I can't say.

So, my questions to you are:

Why hasn't Israel turned to the international courts or the UN to have the treaty enforced?

Has Israel or the Arabs (Palestinians or not) broken the treaty, if so who and how?

And who benefits from this treaty being kept out of the public view and dialog?

I would appreciate your emailing me with the answers or at the least, where I might find these answers.

Thank you,

The reason the BBC does not own up to its inaccuracies is that it is owned by Arabs.

It's the BBC.

What would you expect?

The British government and the government of the United States of America both are trying to bring about one world government and unless the citizens of U.S.A. and the British people "WAKE UP", then the these two countries and the world are doomed to socialism and eventually communism and a one world government. We are being told that the rich are to blame but it is the progressionists and their one world view. Unite and stop this NOW or be a slave.

I've got a "glitch" out in my shed that Bowen can sit on.

I have noticed that BBC & Nat. Geographic, take absolute delight in bashing Israel, but, never give a reason as to why Israel took action. i.e. the Israelis deliver food to the Palestinians in Gaza, they alledge that it is dumped so that flour sacks are broken on purpose. Why are the Gazans not growing their own flour. Also has no one ever noticed that there are no underfed Palestinians!!!!! Why do they not complete the story[half truths].

Wel, Robert Aitken wrote a whole book about pc-bias at the BBC. Can we trust the BBC? Yes, as long as it reports on pc-neutral subjects, if there are any.
If a whole book, with troubling annotated facts is no wake up call for the Brits, what would be?
England is in biased Europe the most unashamedly biased country, and that's saying something..
Never in my life I'd have thought to hear civilized people say the things they are saying nowadays, and that things would turn this ugly. People are incorrigible..

This is not an exclusive opinion of the BBC's editor. Brazilian President, Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, who is going to visit Iran in this sunday said the samething when he was back from his last visit from the Middle East

There is no way the original BBC article was a mere "glitch". It states that the author enjoyed the fact that there were tensions in the U.S-Israel relationship and that the Palestinians enjoyed it even more. The revised version has a completely different meaning.

Maybe Mr.Bowen forgot who created the problems in the middle East.
When England stole 75% of Palestine to create a new
country, that never excisted, they started the whole mess.
Maybe Mr. Bowen forgot how the Brittish were praying that the Arabs would win the war of 1948, and then the
Jewish people would beg them to come back.
Why would they have left an lot of wapons and mechanical equipment and police fort's for the Arabs in the part that was to be Palestine? (they rejected)
They did not left anything for the Jewish people who accepted the UN decision.

Jeremy Bowen must e barred from entering Israel. His power, with an audience of over one hundred and fifty million people positions him to do great harm to the State of Israel. Aside from the direct shedding of blood, no terrorist has done more damage to Israel than the BBC, particularly in the world arenas such as the UN. The Israel Foreign Ministry should summon the British Ambassador and should point out that Britain's expulsion of an Israeli diplomat after the fasle passport accusations had far less merit than the exclusion of Jeremy Bowen from Israel on security grounds. Every anti-Israel resolution passed at the UN is based on miss-information, much of which is pumped out incessantly by the BBC.

BBC and editors are fashionably left of center. to be on the side of the poor and biased towards underdog is the policy and thinking of many liberals. It is not important anymore who is right.

No doublt there will be those who will point out the strength of Israel's democracy in permitting an outspoken enemy the right to free slander. This is perhaps Israel's great weekness: the need to be loved by her enemies.

I have to admit that I have a very short fuse when it comes to Israel and lies that are told about her. A former friend and I were discussing Israel when a series of lies torpedoed out of his mouth. I tried to get him to shut his yap, to no avail.

As I said, we're no longer friends now that I know how literally he takes the Arab side. I carry all kinds of material about Israel in my laptop to show people what the truth is, but when someone says "look, this whole thing could be solved instantly if all of the Jews just gave the Arab lands back to them. I bit my lip. And, I asked, where are the Jews supposed to go? WHO WORRIES ABOUT THE JEWS, LET THEM DIE OUT.

I love President Obama for what he has accomplished, but when people in his administration tell Israel to go back to the 1967 borders I seethe. This time, however, my former friend went flying out of my front door. And so may it be with all tyrants.

Are you sure that picture isn't one of John Astin?

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