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Sunday, May 9 2010

Goldstone: Just Following Orders

Here’s the YNet News in-depth look at Judge Richard Goldstone’s controversial judicial record during the apartheid era.

Yedioth Ahronoth's findings show that Goldstone sentenced at least 28 black defendants to death. Most of them were found guilty of murder and sought to appeal the verdict. In those days, he actually made sure he showed his support for the execution policy, writing in one verdict that it reflects society's demands that a price be paid for crimes it rightfully views as frightening.

In another verdict, in which he upheld the execution of a young black man convicted of murdering a white restaurant owner after he fired him, Goldstone wrote that the death penalty is the only punishment likely to deter such acts.

Goldstone claims he wanted to reform the apartheid system from within. This snippet says a lot about how successful he was:

Only in 1995 when Nelson Mandela took power was the South African constitution amended and the death penalty abolished. Hundreds of people sitting on death row were spared, including some that Goldstone himself sent there.

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Judge Goldstone sentenced to death,or confirmed death sentences on,Black South Africans.Confronted with this ,he claimed that by accepting his appointment to the Bench, he had to uphold and follow the law of the land. TING ALING!!Where have we heard this before???
As far as changing the proven bias of the commission which appointed him to investigate Gaza, he must be very naive,and exhibits extreme lack of judgement, to even think he could influence a change from anti-semitism,anti-Israel and anti-Jew,to unbiased,unbigoted,fair and open-minded.

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