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Thursday, May 6 2010

BBC's Non-Response to HR Report

The BBC prefers to shoot the messenger rather than address the message. Read more at HonestReporting's latest communique:BBC's Non-Response to HR Report



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BBC has already admitted in its own review of itself that it is biased and it has stated that it doesn't care. It seems you are tilting at windmills.

According to BBC their reporting re Israel/Palestine conflict is balanced. According to Honest Reporting and the public here and abroad, the BBC is biased towards the Palestinians,which I do not dispute. On this basis, and of course BBC's denial, I can only conclude that anything reported on by the BBC regarding the rest of the world can only be biased, dishonest, and cannot be trusted at all. The fact that they cannot give an honest response to Honest Report's complaint (as well as the publics complaints), leaves me with the conclusion, they are dishonest and fail the public.

Has the BBC ever reported on the plight of Christian Arabs in the Palestinian territories or the Middle East? In my own limited experience with a Christian Arab pastor, they live under a tyranny of bombings, and persecution. See the report by Sherif Emil, Montreal Gazette Mar 28-30 2010 (Egypt). The failure of the BBC to hold the PA accountable for these much more vulnerable people groups is a travesty of human rights.

I am deeply ashamed to be British, the BBC has an agenda and no one is permitted to question their dark motives.

Anti-Zionism, like anti-Semitism in WWII Germany, has become institutionalized in Britain and other countries of the EU. From the BBC point of view being anti-Israel is not a bias, it is for them an act of conscience. Likewise remaining silent and blind regarding Arab violations of human rights, terrorism/murder, incitement to hatred, oppression of women, etc.

Jimmy DaGeek - please let me know where BBC has admiited bias - I would be very interested to read it.
Incidentally, there is no such thing as unbiased or objective. One person's truth is another's bias and there is more than 1 narrative of the history of Israel which one can choose. So on the one hand you have the BBC and the Guardian which some people accept as the truth and on the other Fox News and the Daily Telegraph - you pays your money and takes your choice. There will never be a homogonised absolute truth so Jimmy is probably right - you are tilting at windmills but not because the BBC is arrogant but because there many versions of the truth

I have written to this vicious and pro-pal organization forever, and in return they issue me a reply masquerading as a 'response'. It is nothing of the sort as it comes directly from the trash they keep handy for those who do not follow in lockstep their demented agenda. There will be a new government in the UK tomorrow morning, and presumably it will not contain the odious Brown or the "we must disarm Israel" Clegg, thus it will be either a hung Parliament or a straight out victory for Cameron. I am keeping the faith it's Cameron as he has some rather interesting plans for Pal BBC. They have had far too much power and seemingly cannot manage to wield it in a fair fashion. They demand and receive tax cash to cover pet choices they then shove at the very taxpayers who usually do not have a choice in this matter. This entire monopoly must be dismantled and sold for scrap, or better yet, donated to the elderly of that once great country who are now reduced to eating day-old bread. The Sun most definitely has set on this shambolic country.

Well, this is a surprise for somebody ?
Is the long tradition of the BBC against Israel, nothing new.

Can you say "Perfidious Albion"? I knew you could.

I wrote a letter to BBC once. I told them that since I was nowhere near the scenes they were reporting, it was incumbent on them to make sure that each story has at least 2 independent sources. I pointed out that they have been printing stories without confirmation and that when such stories are proven false their own credibility suffers. Presenting accusations and denials as news provides the reader with nothing but their own prejudices to base their conclusions on. It used to be, I reminded them, that no one printed a story without confirmation. They wrote back to say they are proud to "present both sides" and let readers come to their own conclusions. If the reader is to determine fact, of what use are newspapers? This is the height of perversity: to follow a path that can only lead to the destruction of the very ground upon which one stands. The BBC was quite satisfied with that.

Why is the BBC so bias against Israel ? Follow the money. Who is the BBC, and more importantly, who owns the BBC. If not directly Islam, certainly indirectly through fear of terror and death.
1400 years of terrorism makes it perfectly clear, Islam cannot be pacified.

The BBC is, in effect, a pro-Arab pressure group.

The BBC has been biased on Middle East issues for as long as I can remember. They violate their own charter and rules. And they do not care.
I trusted them once. No longer.

Hello Honest friends
I´m living in Denmark and we have the same problem with Danish news channels I write some examples her from Danish TV 1 TV2 news and radio.
The language about Israel is always different –more dramatic and bad–the correspondents make always big story from NOTHING-the interviews is always (98 %) from the Israeli LEFT –the correspondents names the left parties in Israel –PEACE PARTY!!-Text TV about Israel is always BIG and hanging longer time in TV –the correspondent’s manipulated news from Israel. I´m very happy that Honest Reporting exists –this is the best think what happens in the last 5 years in –WORLD MEDIA CIRKUS –
Regards and salute to HR and other friends of Israel.

Since this 2008-2009 Gaza War, I stopped believing the BBC... I even started to doubt this organization is already a snakepit of Muslims, and Arab funded activists.

They are not biased against Israel anymore... they think and behave like Islamic Arabs already...

The BBC needs to be more open minded and show a more objective approach to issues in the Middle East and in particular the nation of Israel.

Frankl and Benson are my heros. It takes guts to unmask the BBC ad they do it fearlessly. If anybody has doubts about the BBC's leanings, they should look at the internal investigation the BBC conducted of its own reporting on Israel/Palestine. Suffice it to say the day will come and they will pay for their unfair treatment of Israel and its cause. In the meantime, do not turn on BBC America. Write to company's who sponsor BBC America about your displeasure. Make the bastards pay.

Why is everyone so upset with Auntie Beeb? There is NO bias there at all. It's just that the BALANCE is out of kilter (kilter = talking out of your ear!!), which is why their appointed pals on their 'independent' committee ALWAYS finds in their favour, and why Joe Public, who pays all the bills, never gets a look-in. Lets see what the new Govt. does to curb the BBC!!

Who are those that consitute the "Independent panel", I wonder? How many of them were without previous connection to the BBC or the Foreign Office (another anti-Israel public institution!). Being a pressure group is nothing to be ashamed of! The BBC is also a pressure group e.g. when license fees are being discussed in Parliament. But the insinuation that all pressure groups can dismissed as undeserving of serious consideration is ridiculous! The BBC's job is to determine objectively whether what's being said is true and then accept as such, no matter what the source is. This applies equally to both reporters and pressure groups!! If their only response to criticism is "no comment" then they admit that they're not competent to carry out the task to which they have been entrusted.

The BBC "responded" to your 29 page document with three or four sentences because they could never defend their biased reporting against your excellent, diligently researched and presented point-by point analysis. The BBC represents DIShonest Reporting (in relation to Israel and who knows what else?), and thank G-d you continue to shine a light into the dark sewer journalism that defines the BBC.

The BBC must take all submissions and reponses by the general public seriously. To not do so is to under mine its integrity as a news media source.

I rented a movie the other night, "An Education," that was hailed by critics and wide audiences. I had no idea it was produced by the BBC. No surprise- - what followed was my utter disgust rather than enjoyment. It depicted an older guy, who woos a sixteen year old schoolgirl. Right from the beginning of the movies, he declares to her that he is "a Jew!" as if it had some relevance to the story. As the movie slowly unravels,no surprise, this charater's despicable character, unravels too. His Jewishness was not relevant to the story, of course; it was just one more example of the BBC's despicable bias.

Naomi Cohen

Just last week, I complained about the rough treatment of the Israeli ambassador by the BBC. I have complained numerous times. I am ashamed that they represent my country in the eyes of many worldwide.

As for their independent panel, it is probably as independent as any other panel paid for by the organisation commissioning it. If they don't find in favour of the BBC would they be paid to be "independent" again?

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