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Thursday, April 22 2010

Video: Is the Western Wall in Israel? - HR Interviews 'Confused' Tourists

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority said implying that the Western Wall is in Israel is misleading. HonestReporting goes on-site to investigate... See the video and HonestReporting's latest communique: Video: Is the Western Wall in Israel? - HR Interviews 'Confused' Tourists



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We are living in a very sick world.

Did you know that when you stand at the Western wall on a cloudy day, you can actually see the Union Jack (British Flag) in the sky? You shouldn't miss this unbelievable sight. For directions to the Western Wall to see this phenomenon, you can google map Jerusalem, Israel. On Google Earth you might even be lucky and get a preview of the Western wall in Jerusalem Israel.

great video- pretty funny

So where is the Wall? A map please!

I am so sick of the anti-semitism coming out of the UK. When they divided up the land years ago they should have forced the palestinians to take their piece of it or tell them they will never have any claim to anything more. They caused part of this mess and never have been a friend to the Jews. The only reason they got involved in WWII was their concern for themselves they couldn't care less if every Jew was wiped off the face of the map. They are so ignorant and dependent on Arab oil that they can't be a decent moral country. Besides the fact that they wouldn't let any Jews in during WWII but they decided after that it was ok to take arabs and muslims from many countries into the UK. Hmm, let's see don't let in hardworking educated Jews but let in lazy, dirty, manipulative terrorist minded muslims. Around 2020 the muslims will be a majority and the arabs will slowly takeover and destroy that area. It is a slap in the face of every Jew and Christian to start saying that the Western wall is in occupied land. It will only create more terrorism and claim to lands that should never be in the hands of palestinians. The reason I say slap in the face to Christians is that the Jewish history is part of Christianity. Without Jews there would be no Christianity. There is a lot of history in this area that is a story of Jews as well as Christians. If the Palestinians get a hold of Jerusalem say good bye to ever seeing any of the holy sites safely.

What would Britons say if a couple of Israeli tourism adverts depicted such famous landmarks as the Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square as part of the Belfast region of Northern Ireland (a clearly disputed territory?

Would Americans find it obnoxious to suggest that Houston Texas, or Disneyland in Florida, was a disputed section of Mexico?

Or perhaps Russians would find it absurd to suggest that the Kremlin is part of the disputed territories of Khazastan?

I think not.....need I say more?

It frustrates me to no end that Israel has allowed parts of Israel to be called Occupied - here lies the root to all problems. If they say it long enough it is now being used by the World. These areas were never Occupied terratories they were Conquered terratories. Israel was attacked and won these areas defending themselves - period!

I guess that, the way things are going in "Great" Britain, it won't be long before they start expelling Jews as they have in the past. The British-Arab common marriage is long-standing and that union has never lost its antisemitic character. With the take-over of Britain by the Muslims it can not get better for the Jews.

Only 1 Brit in 10 worships at all, so
the Western Wall is only a tourist attraction to most Brits. A strong presence on YouTube will help promote
the reality of Israel as a modern,
democratic State.

How convenient that the decadently branded acronym BASA - BRITISH ADVERTISING STANDARDS AUTHORITY - is identical to the new BRITISH ANTISEMETISM AWARDS, which should be handed out soon to this year's self-desecrating trollops in the UK ad pool.

What the heck? I knew the world had morons in it but really? Who denies the Western Wall is in Israel? I am not even sure what to say but somebody must of not passed thier geography classes in school.

of course the western wall is in israel, what a stupid idea denying it.
marlis adler

We all know by now that the Brits are not very smart people. I read in a recent article that 30% of all Brits live in public housing. Wow!!! this is a welfare state. No wonder thay can't fork money for education.

I see London, I see France... What do you mean, "London isn't in France?"

Thanks for the laugh, Honest Reporting.

I agree with the guy who said, "when you're dealing with a brain the size of a bird's, what else can you expect?"

Perhaps Scotland should be considered "Occupied Territory"and not truly part of the UK. After all, it didn't become part of England willingly.

Brilliant comments Aliza!
I`m personally disgusted with my country(UK) for taking this stance against Israel!
I`m a Christian and love the Jewish people and find that people who don`t have a belief in God are usually anti-semitic!
There are also many Christian believers who are, mainly because they have never been taught by their church pastors about what part the Jewish people play in our faith, which wouldn`t be if it wasn`t for the Jews giving us the Oracles of God!
In the past few years I`ve learnt so much about this, not from church but from Revelation TV (581 on SKY)who stand with Israel and show the viewers so much about the Jewish roots of our faith!!

What a relief,these morons have saved the day for me.I had intended doing some internationl travel but could not afford it.Now all I need to do is take the number 2 bus.

England has been a BIGOTED nation for centuries, why should it change now. Look what they did in Africa and India--decimated whole populations and robbed and plundered helpless people. They promoted the rise of Hitler just as they are promoting the rise of Arab Imperialism. And shouldn't Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland be allowed to have their freedom? Wherever the English go oppression and misery follows after them. They will--as has been proved countless times in history--sell their collective souls for oil or gold.

Just a case of intimidation-- not to speak the truth....because of the Moslem population there..thats my in the USA there have been world globes made leaving out Israel altogether....Of course its a problem but the bigger problem is the fear that exists....of upsetting our declared enemies...who are on a rampage....

As far as the ASA is concerned, the position of the Western Wall is internationally disputed. Anyone who advertises ANYTHING in the UK from hair shampoo to holidays to central heating comes under the jurisdiction of these 'jobsworths'. They go to the most ridiculous lengths to ensure all advertising is 'legal, decent, honest and truthful'. It isn't that they're Anti-Israel, that's ridiculous, it's just they are a set of pedantic idiots that make ALL UK advertisers have to carefully consider each and every word and picture before daring to publish. One single complaint from a member of the public on absolutely anything sends them into spasms of ecstasy. Anyway all you Americans who laugh at how things work in the UK today, have it all to come, you voted for Obama didn't you? A man who wants the govt. to run each and every single aspect of your lives.

Love the video. You guys rock!

Aliza Spindell is right on. Everyone reading these comments should first go to her posting.
It is certain that the ASA was responding to a complaint from a Muslim person or group. But the ASA's response, nonsensical as it was, was "pure", unadulterated antisemitism, filled with hate and devoid of any truth or logic.
All Britons who applaud and support the far Left should look forward to the day when Islam and Sharia law are the ruling forces and Christianity is outlawed throughout the land.
God save the Queen.

I am absolutely speechless with anger and total disbelief that the UK could sink to such a low level. How can anyone say that the Wall is not in Israel. How twisted and self-deceived can they get? If Israel had a central point, it would have to be the Temple Mount, or for the time being - the Wall.
The UK government is falling over itself for the same reason it sold out the Jews in the first place when it had the Mandate - for oil.That's the bottom line.Appease the Arabs for the sake of getting oil and the political backing of the wealthy ones. In the process they're prepared to tread on any one or anything that gets in their way - Jews and Christians alike. HR - KEEP ON REPORTING IT. EXPOSE THE CORRUPTION OF THE POLITICIANS.

The original mistake waa Dayan's excessive liberalism in offering control of the Mount to the Waqf.

Indeed, almost every Israeli concession is pocketed by the Palestinians and used against Israel in a salami strategy.

Israelis should stop being freiers and stop offering concessions.

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