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Thursday, April 15 2010

UK Bans Western Wall from Israel Tourism Ads

The Advertising Standards Authority rules that an Israeli ad breaches rules on truthfulness. See HonestReporting's latest communique: UK Bans Western Wall from Israel Tourism Ads



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I guess Jaffa is next.

It seems to me that the UK is the dishonest information broker here. The "Palestinians" are lying about ownership, and the UK is helping them bully Israel. If those people would pick up their KING JAMES Bibles, they would see that Jerusalem is a JEWISH city.

maybe we should pragmatically advertise "tourism to the Holy Land"?

This is one of the silliest articles I've ever read. I have to keep that attitude or I would start crying as to the absurdity of it. I do not, in any way, minimize the actual danger of the ideas in back of it, though.

Good riddance of the English tourists! England should open its immigration doors to all the Palestinians. I submit that Israel should adopt the policy of Saudi Arabia for Mecca and Medina (if only for security reasons ...:)))!!! thast is to ban all non-Jewish tourists from Jerusalem !!! (then we'll see what the world has to say).

Of all the caveins by the UK, this is one of the worst. Can any rightminded human being believe that the Western Wall is not part of Israel?
Shame on the UK.


What is truth for Israel has not been the same for others.

Letters and voices of objections and disagreements have been ignored since 1948 and thereafter.
The fact is new generations are not interested in what happened before they were born.
One can only talk to those who want to listen and teach only those who ask questions and want to learn.

What we have got today is the unpleasnt result that came about for dragging our feet. When one starts something, one has to finish it without looking around to see who says what. If they think you are a bad boy, no matter what you do you cannot change their minds.

Its time to boycott the Viking village called "London"
At the time the Jewish Temple was operating in Jerusalem, England and London didn't exist.
They were all part of some tribal thing.
So they should all go back to the Swedish, I suppose...
But until that time, we should all ban anything English,British, whatever they want to call themselves.
I pledge here not to visit England, not to use anything made in England, and promote an anti-British culture, until they stop the bigotry they are so good at (actually, they invented it)

The ASA is a toothless organisation whose decisions are normally highly spurious. Only PR companies have any interest in what they say. The ASA has clearly been got at by the anti Israel lobby. The decision comes curiously enough just when there is a General Election in the UK - is this yet another example of initiatives to court the Muslim vote? The State of Israel is right to dismiss with contempt this fatuous decision. I hope Israel will continue to promote Jerusalem as the unified capital of the State of Israel and if the ASA do not like it let's not lose sleep over it.

So the UK Tourism Ministry has ruled that The Old City of J'lem is part of... what country?


Gee tourism was surely more vibrant during Jordan's occupation TRULY illegal occupation wasn't it?

We ALL know that muslims are liers, and that the koran allows them to lie,so this is not surprising. What is surprising and distrubing is that a UK
Gov. dept. goes against its own rules
inside the European Community and supports/takes sides on terrorism!!

What outright stupidity!
The Western Wall is a symbol of Israeli identity, and resiliance against all the efforts of the world to deligitimize the state of Israel.
What other sovereign state has to put up with such garbage?

The Brits are at it again -- bouncing off philosophical walls. Padded cells are really what they need most. These English-speaking Arabists will never learn the value of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and Israel's insistence on an open society. I thought Neville Chamberlain was dead, but I guess his ghost appears in the strangest of industries, that being in the advertising field. It's a field in which I spent 40 years and I've never heard anything more appalling than this haughty and snotty ASA decision. Perhaps we can get some Englishmen to join America's Tea Party. Without the crumpets or trumpets denouncing every Israeli move.

I was wondering, instead of complaining and being reactive, how about the state of Israel becoming proactive, and returning "fire" in kind by discouraging Israelis from vacationing in Great Britain, how about if Israelis for once will say, no more putting us down, this is our country, and we don't tell GB how to go about their country so they should keep their stupid ideas about our country to themselves.
It is high time in my opinion for the Jews of the world to unite and boycott any country which does not accept Israel in its entirety, this should include all business people who are Jewish as well, I think it will make a very big impression and put the idiots in GB on notice, you want to tell us what to do in our country ? Than, first fix up your own, then come and talk to us. I don't know where these countries around the world feel free to order Israel around ? Why don't they do that with the outlaw regime in Iran or Syria ? Only with Israel, does that tell us anything ? I sure hope so.

This is a totally stupid politicizing of tourism.
The tourist who wants to visit the Western Wall needs to go to Israel. Israeli government (rightly or wrongly)exercises authority over this area, and this is all tourist need to know. For example, it would not be helpful to have Palestinian Authority visa, if someone wanted to visit the Western wall.
Even if someone disagrees with the Chinese occupation of Tibet, still they have to acknowledge the Chinese authority there: For example they need to get Chinese visa, etc.
So the Brits are not just being antisemitic, they are misleading the tourists.

After reading this article, I have decided to write to several large travel agencies where I have friends and ask them to de-emphasize travel to the UK. I think places like Buckingham Palace, Picadilly Circus, the Tower of London should not be pushed as places to see. For that matter, why not simply skip the UK altogether?

I feel pretty confident that in their respective campaigns both H. Clinton and Obama declared their belief that Jerusalem is the "undivided capital" of Israel. Anybody out there who can tell me where and when these declarations were made?

Wake-Up Folks the UK is a Muslim Country! are ASA Council?

Has anyone read the actual FAQs. of ASA and CAP? They are worth studying closely and it may be possible to defy this "decision" referred to above, so as to force those who have done this thing to take the Israeli Tourist Board to court. A good airing in public is definitely called for in this case of outrageous and disgusting anti- Semitism, that is eminating from this faceless committee. Let them come out from behind the curtain and declare themselves openly in a Court of Law. !! I looked hard to find the names of those who are serving on this committee but could not find even one name apart from their use of WE this and WE that in reference to themselves on the internet sites.

Why not ban the Star of David? This shows whom the Brittish stand with.

My feeling is all of Jerusalem belongs to Israel.She is the only country worthy of having it. She has respected the rights of all religons to worship as they see fit. Which is more than than you can say about Islam. As far as the world is concerned, I don't give a hoot what they think. They can attempt to rewrite history, but with every new artifact that is discovered, it is clear Jerusalem was the Capitol of Israel, and will always be.

Why don't they read the real history books or live in Israel as a non Jew as I have done but equally worked with moderate Arabs in the British medical service. They would then see they are only adding to the fanatisism and trying to be political correct is just showing them to be fools

this is the height of perfidy. the uk should hide its head in shame. It looks like Moshiach is knocking on the door. just a little while and he'll be here.

Typical British hypocrisy-What about banning first your own tourist brochures for the Falklands or Gibraltar!

I will not travel to the UK..because it's not standing with Israel, they will not be blessed..they are so blind..The scriptures tell us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and to stand with Israel against the hatemongers which includes the UK media and other factions within the country..What a shame the UK has become..Wake up people of the are in serious danger..All of Jerusalem and Bethlehem, West Bank,Gaza belongs to Israel..The Palestinians are the squatters..

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