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Wednesday, April 7 2010

Return of the Living Dead

See HonestReporting's latest media critiques:

• Credibility of Palestinian medical sources questioned as teen allegedly shot dead by the IDF returns to his family alive only days later: Return of the Living Dead

• A Financial Times op-ed draws on the false apartheid parallel: FT: Promoting Demonization & Boycotts



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The FT has been on this anti-Israel path for a while now. Like most papers in the UK, it is dying on its feet. From my perspective, and that of any reasonable person, its demise can't come too soon.

What an atrocious insult to blacks who lived under apartheid in South Africa.
Israel has one million Arabs who are full citizens. They have the vote. Blacks under apardheid did not. Israel's Arab citizens have their own political parties and their own members of parliament.
Blacks who lived under the REAL apardheid regime could only dream of this equality. Israel's Arabs have it. Isrel's Arabs stood on rooftops and cheered as scud missiles, fired from Iraq in the first Gulf war, found their targets in Israel. This "freedom of speach" was not allowed to balcks under apardheid in South Africa. Arabs in Israel can live and work wherever they want. Their children are all born in Israeli hospitals with free medical care under Israel's national health system. No such amenity was dreamed of by blacks who lived under apardheid. Nor did they have free education enjoyed by all Israel's citizens, including its one million Arabs, and one hundred and twenty thousand black Ethiopians who left Africa for freedom in Israel. Did the Financial Times seek their opinions. The FT editors and op-ed writers know all of the above full well. They are engaged in a shameful libel, in this traditional season of European libels, which unabiguously negates any integrity the Financial Times may once have had.

This is why I donot simply believe news on casualty or death of Palestinians related to Israel conflict!
Lesson: Next time Gaza Health Ministry must clearly see to it that the person published to be dead, must be dead. In case they saw this person walking alive - shoot him dead! to satisfy news. This is one good example of justified killing according to the teachings.

The media should be more thoughtful and aware of all the facts before publishing stories. Events such as this only fuel tensions existing in the Middle East.

Israel is a free state that allows Arabs and Jews to live together in harmony. They have not sought to enact harsh laws and class rules as did the South African government. It is an insult to the people of South Africa and to the United States who had the Jim Crow laws to negate their experiences while cricticizing Israel.

I guess he was carried up high on a stretcher at a demonstration, heard all the ranting and realized he was not dead, so became scared and jumped off.
May sound strange but it has happened before, oh dear the things they do for anti-Israel propaganda.

Truth is a word reporters have never heard of.

This is what occurred to me some time ago. YOu know how the current Muslim jehaddists are prodded into suicide bombing and other attacks with promises of them being sent to heaven with lots of luscious girls to look after them? Well in all the stories that come out of people dying, then coming back to life to report what they found and what they have seen, I BET no Muslim report of what they found or saw - i.e that HELL was awaiting them? Let's advertise for this - Muslims who were jihaddists who died and recovered? If they DARE let them tell the real story of their discoveries in 'the Other World'?

It makes me so mad the Arab fury at the rebuilding of the legendary Hurva Synagogue! The ARABS destroyed it (let us even get NEAR one of their mosques, let alone
touch even one BRICK!) They destroyed what was said to be the most beautiful shul anywhere and certainly in Palestine, then in Israel. But where is their recognition of what this did, the damage, the cost, the effect on those who had been worshipping there, on the Israeli public generally per se??? And now they have the nerve, the temerity to tell the world that we have caused THEM trouble by our rebuilding! And the Egyptian big wig in cultural affairs has FORBIDDEN any Jew from visiting any Cairo shul!!


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