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Wednesday, April 14 2010

Israeli Wonk Forced to Fisk His Own 'Interview'

Manfred_gerstenfeldAfter recently releasing an update to his 2008 book about Scandinavian anti-Semitism, Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld was "interviewed" by Norwegian state radio, NRK.

I put the word interview in quote marks, because NRK's Mideast reporter, Sidsel Wold didn't really "interview" Gerstenfeld. "Harangue" would be a more appropriate verb. In a three minute piece, Gerstenfeld only spoke for 20 seconds before being cut off by Wold.

Wold went on to answer her own questions and describe Gerstenfeld's views in her own words. She concluded the broadcast with a tangent, that to me supports Gerstenfeld's thesis. She said:

Under the Netanyahu government, a wind of McCarthyism is blowing over Israel. All Jews or Israelis who do not agree with Netanyahus government are branded “self-hating Jews”. If the critic is not Jewish, yes, then they are branded as antisemites. A simple tactic to stop all undesired political debate.

Norway, Israel and the Jews blog has a transcript of the broadcast. Gerstenfeld was left with the unusual task of fisking his own interview in an email to Wold obtained by Tundra Tabloids.



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The left wing media is completely corrupt.

Broadcasters Norway and other European countries have learned from the world's pre-eminnet broadcaster, the BBC, that lying about Israel is legitimate journalism. It has great traction in the eithteen officially Christian countries especially. It influences tens of millions in other countries, particularly in Africa and Asia - places that have been trained to respect Britain, their former colonial master. The world's twenty-six Muslim countries are especially heartened by the European media bias against the word's one little Jewish state. These ripples of hate become a tidal wave when they converge at the UN whose resolutions mainly deal with maligning Israel.

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