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Thursday, April 8 2010

CBC Seeks Machete Wielding Spokesman Who Hates Zionists

CBC News is so open-minded about getting "the other side of the story" that their brains fell out.

The story begins in Ottawa, where Nick Bergamini is vice-president of the Carleton University Students' Association and a well-known campus supporter of Israel. Bergamini and his Israeli roommate, Mark Klibanov, were attacked off campus by a group of people, one of whom swung a machete at Bergamini.

The Ottawa Citizen leaves no doubt about the motive:

"The first thing they said before punching my friend is that we were Zionists," Klibanov said. "This situation surprised me, but the intentions of these people did not.

"If you are from the right wing or are a supporter of Israel, it gets around pretty quickly because Carleton is one of the worst campuses for having a division between Palestinian and Jewish students. It is a really polarized campus between left and right, Jewish and Arab students."

The attack made headlines across Canada, and Bergamini has been interviewed by countless news services.

But the fourth year journalism student told talk show host Michael Coren that the CBC asked him for help getting "the other side of the story."

What could possibly be "the other side of the story" of a student nearly getting killed by an armed gang of bigoted thugs?

Bergamini: I'm a journalism student and you often want to provide both sides of the story. There usually are two sides to the story. Now, they said to me, "We need somebody from the other camp. Who is against you?" I said, "Are you mad? Are you going to try to find somebody to defend this? Or do you want to try to find the attackers yourself?" So I guess, you know, in a machete case, you need to show the person who got attacked, and I guess the attackers because it's obvious both sides need their stories shared in the opinion of the CBC.

Coren: Just an appeal now to the people of Canada. The CBC are looking for any member, any spokesperson for the machete wielding community. If you're willing to come forward and go on the show with Nick, they would appreciate it very much . . .

That part of the conversation begins at the 8:51 point.

In the end, CBC reporter Jeff Sample filed this video report without any fresh quotes from "the other camp" of machete wielding spokesmen who hate Zionists.



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Yet another example of how the msm is completely morally bankrupt and why people are turning to alternative sources for information.

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