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Tuesday, April 27 2010

BBC Bias: An In-Depth Analysis

Our latest study reveals the BBC's selective focus on negatively portraying Israel while ignoring Palestinian incitement and glorification of terror. Read the full report here: BBC Bias: An In-Depth Analysis



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Clearly a lot of work was done reviewing the BBC bias to Israel.
My question is why bother ?
Ever since I can remember which is at least 50 years BBC was always biased.
What is the point ?
I would stay focused on the USA media where it is far more important.

Such bias is so shocking and surely completely ignored by the BBC Board of Governors. it suggests to me that the staff in the BBC news department can act with total impunity and I also wonder about the actual staff members and who they are and how they were recruited. What you have shown in this file goes far beyond even biased reporting and indicates something far worse and something not seen since the last world war. This is unreasoned and vicious hate and the government have not put a stop to it. What then is the future for Jews in the U.K.?

The attitude of the BBC towards Israel is nothing new. It is doubtful that it will ever change. To my mind it is symptomatic of the underlying attitudes of the British population towards Israel and more importantly, towards Jews.

In my opinion, too many Jews living in the UK have chosen to "disappear" and become invisible. Changing of names to those that are more Anglicised and sound less Jewish / Eastern European is probably more common here than in any other country where Jews have settled. Where are the protests and complaints from the local Jewish population ? One never hears of them and it is also unlikely that this will change.

I believe that even if it makes little or no difference, it is vital to protest when such bias exists. Its a pity that British Jews do not share this view.

I wish that there was someone rich enough to take the BBc to court on this whole business

BBC hides prejudice and agenda behind stuffy accents, hoping we are so cowed by its supposed prestige and pretentiousness that we believe it. Honest Reporting exposes it constantly. "Panorama" with John Sweeney is probably the worst. BBC's Sweeney violates the BBC's own press policies--as do so many of its reporters. There is a multi-part documentary that one group has documented totting up Sweeney's and the BBC's tactics. Beautifully done:

Leaving aside for the moment Britain's history of anti-Semitism and its wrecking of havoc throughout the word, Britian's giving away of half of the Mandate to a Saudi/Beduin sheik was a major step in its historically anti-Hebrew stance. It is my considered opinion that the discriminatory coverage of the Israeli/terorist conflict is orchestrated and controlled by both the elected and civil service branches of the U.K.government. I believe that, just as the decision by the british ad board, to exclude ads touting a visit to the Wall, history, as it is revealed in the future, will bear this out.

It's really very simple, so i can't really grasp the problem. The British have always been anti-semitic Jew haters since day one. This shouldn't surprise anyone as it is so typical of the arab-loving capital of the world.

Well done to honest reporting for this well written piece of work
This excellent analysis has confirmed what we already now about the BBC but nonetheless gives us more documented evidence of the shocking reporting undertaken by their so called journalistic staff
I for one have contacted the BBC via their website complaints section with my opinions and a link to the honest reporting document
I urge you to do the same
In addition I shall be donating to honest reporting to ensure this excellent Organisation continues it's superb work

It is a pity the report did not name names, especially the fact that the BBC has seen fit to appoint a "Middle East Editor" something they do not have for any other foreign region, and that this "editor", Jeremy Bowen, is about as biaised against Israel as it is possible to be. I shudder every time he comes on air.
I should point out that the BBC World Service has undergone a sea-change, and its programming, as opposed to news, is now much fairer.
The opposite is true of the BBC, the news programmes are LESS biaised than the current events programmes like Panorama, you should do a report on them. For instance, they totally distorted the material they collected on the death of the man in Dubai. I know, because I saw the original footage they left out, which included a very jooly man, formerly from Russia, who was *thrilled* that they used him (they faked his British passport, just like Al-Qaeda does, I haven't heard any accusations from the FCO about that). When the interviewer warned him he would never be allowed to enter the UK, he shrugged and laughed. This whole interview was not broadcast.

History repeats itself! Today's BBC is as close as any media organization can come, to represent a national media organization. As such it repeats a long history of British anti-Jewish actions. It comes from the country that was the first to expel Jews, the first to engage in blood libels, which reneged on every commitment it made to Jews after the Balfour declaration and which sent Jews escaping the Holocaust back to Europe. The BBC virulent anti Israeli propaganda is nothing but a continuation of that history. I am afraid that British culture and Jewish culture just don't mix; they revere royalty and we revere God!

We should respond every time the BBC makes these one-sided reports and not let them get away with it.

I would add Matt Frei and Alan Johnson to the list of biased BBC reporters, Mstt Frei in particular along with Jeremy Bowen make me want to throw something at the television whenever they appear. They are a disgrace. I can't stand those sanctimonious BBC female news readers with their raised eyebrows and questioning looks whenever they can in relation to Israel. It annoys me that I have to pay for a license to hear/watch these revolting people. We now have a muslim who is head of BBC religious programmes! There is no hope for our media whilst this rubbish is allowed to persist.

Great report. Very thorough. However, I was hoping that it would shed some light on WHY the bias is so extreme? Anti-semitism or just the BBC playing into the demographics or money? This would be an interesting addition to the report for the future.

As an ex-Brit (now an American) I have watched the BBC (of my youth) descend from being the most objective news organization to a mere propaganda outlet.

I find consistently that (except from Fox News in the USA) Al Jazeera is the only major news organization which tries to report both sides of a story objectively, even on Israel / Palestinian issues. It would be interesting to have the BBC reporting of an event side by side with the Al Jazeera version on Honest Reporting!!

Deeply disturbing.

BBC is an anti-jewish body and the public enemy no. 1 of Israel with their comrades like the terrorist group hamas and hezbollah .They do their dirty jobs for hamas and hezbollah which the later could not . So what do we expect from such foul lowdown subhumans?Maybe Israel should try treating them like their terrorists counterparts like shooting .

Yes, I don't understand it, given all the trouble Britain is having with Muslims and violence in their own country.( I know that all Arabs are not Muslims) But perhaps that is the problem - they fear for their lives if they present anything negative about the Palestinians. Also I'm beginning to think that, surprisingly, these people are better at PR even if it is based on deception (taquia).

People of conscience in Britain, especially British Jews, must stop paying their BBC licence fee. If a number of people simply stop paying, and announce they are no longer paying, the authorities will be forced to bring legal action. The defense expenses should be borne by the Board of Deputies of British Jews. The case is straightforward: There can be no obligation to give money to the BBC while the BBC is in violation of the charter under which they are funded. The BBC charter mandates un-biased reporting. Using the funds for biased reporting is fraud. No citizen can be force to participate in fraud.

It is very strange that the BBC has continued to ignore the history of the bombers of the London Subways and Buses. Are they playing to these people in the hope that they won't do it again? The BBC is living in LALA land.

Lets be realistic; Israel has its own anti Jew hating news problems as in Haaretz. You cant persway the BBC if you cant even sway Haaretaz in your own BACK YARD!

One way this study can be used is to have one of the Jewish MPs in the British Parliament raise this matter formally in Question Period, asking the Government (which funds the BBC) to hold the BBC accountable and asking for a formal response. That might get some attention (the response might be that the government is at arm's length from BBC editorial policy, but the study shows that the BBC doesn't fulfill its stated mandate of being unbiased and objective). Any British readers here who want to take this on and contact their MP for support in such an endeavour?

It's about time that the Israel media highlight some little-known aspect of BBC history concerning the Jews during WW2. Many requests were made via the resistance organizations to the BBC to broadcast know details of the atrocities being committed, so that those still not rounded up could at least run into the forests. The BBC refused.
Finally, an in-deapth report should be produced about the sinking of the Cap Arcona and two other ships in Lubek Bay on May 3, 1945, killing 8,500 mostly Jewish women survivors of years in concentration camps. The ships were not moving. They were not armed. The fuhrer was already dead for three days. The German surrender was being drawn up. The few survivors made eye contact with pilots shooting at them. They knew what they were doing. There was never any explanation or apology. The files are secret - sealed until 2045. Why? Maybe the BBC could shed some light on this for us.

T all those people who ask why Britain bothers to malign Israel so ferociously and so frequently when Britain herself is confronting militant (rela militant) Islam, I would say the following: It is not logical. But your question assumes that, in the absence of Islamic fundamentalism, it would be logical to persue the usual antisemitic, ant-Israel agenda. But that too is not logical. Jews have only ever benefited every land where they have been made welcome - right up to the point they were rejected. Now the Jewish state provides the west with a single focal point of common values in the only country in the area governed by the rule of law. Israel's accomplishments directly benefit the entire world. Those of British Jews enrich Britain, once-great. No you cannot find logic in the hatred of Israel manifested by the BBC's directors. And it probably does not reflect the mind-set of thinking British people. But it's there. It is simply a sikness. And possibly jealousy from a country that once called half the world "Empire".

The BBC is clearly blatantly biased against Israel and therefore in breach of its charter. Who is going to take the BBC to court? Personally I don't have the means to do so, but maybe someone else looking at this site might be able to do something? The BBC has always been towards the left wing in its political reporting, but the examples given here are absolutely appalling.

Come off it. Just because zionists have failed to control the BBC you're not happy.

No-one hates jews - but there are enough jewish people who hate you zionists.

It's a very clever trick to play the anti-semitic trick if a person dares to criticise what Israel does.

Wake-up guys. You are being used by zionists who think they are elites.

Zionists are not jews. Zionists are zionists - but they may pretend to be jews.

You guys who are ordinary jews have been set-up.
No-one hates you - but they WILL while you get fooled into supporting zionists and their evil agenda.

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