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Wednesday, August 26 2009

Legal Action Against Aftonbladet


An Israeli lawyer filed a lawsuit against Aftonbladet in a New York court. YNet News explains why the Big Apple:

Ophir claimed, "The newspaper published an anti-Semite and racist blood libel which constitutes incitement to racism against Jews and IDF soldiers." He added, "The suit was filed in New York since the paper is distributed there and since the reporter made a connection to claims of New York resident rabbis who trade with organs."

Activists in Sweden also have the wheels of justice turning, but judging from reports in The Local and Haaretz, the outcome will be likely be Swede and sour.



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Last night the BBC World Service produced an equally biased report of the eviction of the Arabs in Sheikh Jarrah, following it up with an obsequious interview with the notorious Ghada Karmon who informed the world that "Israel issuing its typical tacts of introducing an irrelavancy by claiming threats from Iran". There was no attempt by the interviewer to mention Iran's help to Hamas and Hizbollah, let alone Ametnejad's specific threat to wipe Israel off the map. Why didn't the reporter ask Ms Karmon whether she subscribed to the Iranian aspirations? There is nothing these hatemongers fear more than a direct question of this type. There was also, of course, no balancing interview with someone who might take the Israeli side.

Is it right for the governments to be involved in this? I wonder is this should be left to the newspaper. I don't know

Any ideas¿?

Congratulations to the attorney who is filing the lawsuit against that scurrilous publication. We hope he will be successful and teach them an appropriate lesson.

Unfortunately the case for libel is weak. America has at best a nuisance value for Aftonblat. New York may accept jurisdiction but the proper place is still Sweden.

It should be necessary for the plaintiff to prove damages. This will be hard for a lawyer even if Israeli. He doesn't represent either the Jewish people or the Israel Defence Forces. The correct plaintiff should be the IDF or the Israeli Embassy on its behalf.

A terrorist state is a state which practices terrorism, even if it pretends (or rather, lies) to the world that it does not. It hardly needs to be pointed out that Israel is a terrorist state.

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