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Thursday, March 19 2009

The Buzz of Buzzwords

See the National Post, where Father Raymond de Souza introduces Mideast watchers to the buzzword he says is replacing "peace process."

"Conflict management" recognizes that lasting and durable peace between Israel and the Palestinians is not plausible in the near future. The heady days of bilateralism that produced the Oslo Accords 15 years ago came undone with the second intifada of 2000. The heady days of unilateral-ism that produced the Gaza withdrawal in 2005 came undone with the Hamas coup and the recent Gaza War. If peace is not possible together, and peace is not possible alone, then peace remains only a dream.

Conflict management dispenses with dreams, and seeks, under the present circumstances, to make life safer and less aggravating for all parties, with the hope that maybe, just maybe, time and tranquility may produce conditions in which the seeds of peace may be planted.

But will the MSM buy into this policy shift, or characterize"conflict management" as "Israeli obstructionism?"



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Israel needs to stop worrying so much about world opinion. The last 50 years of history should make it clear that they will never get the public accolades they seek.

They need to follow the example of Sri Lanka, commit to a military solution, ignore international condemnation, and wipe out armed resistance quickly and efficiently.

Honest Reporting should investigate the blatant anti-Israel bias in some of the Spanish media in the U.S. One of the worst is a news program called "En Contexto" on Telemundo's Los Angeles affliate Kvea. The program's coverage of Israel is even worse than the BBC.

The pro-Hamas propaganda seems like a coordinated effort to brainwash Latinos into being anti-Israel. The general manager of Kvea is Manuel Abud which could explain a lot. Honest Reporting needs to find out the individuals and groups behind the show's anti-Israel propaganda. Not to sound alarmist but it sounds like a conspiracy to push the Arab "Palestinian" point of view on to Latinos. HR needs to get to the bottom of it!

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