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Thursday, March 5 2009

BBC's Bulldozes Headlines Again

If there's a bulldozer rampage in Jerusalem, count on the BBC to botch the headlines. Two separate attacks might be an unhappy coincidence, but with another attack today, the BBC proved three's a trend.

Here's the evolution of the Beeb's headlines. The first headline emphasizes a dead driver, not the nature of the terror involved.


This new headline shortly afterwards was nothing more than a semantic twist on the same problem.


Last I looked, this was the new BBC headline. It finally reflects that this was an attack, but why the quote marks?


As we pointed out last July the BBC's initial instinct is to portray Israel as an aggressor and a Palestinian as a victim even if that Palestinian was actively involved in a terrorist attack against innocent civilians.

The fact that the headlines were changed at all shows that somebody thought about what was going on. Too bad it took so long . . .



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Its hard for me to understand how HonestReporting can define this as a "botch."

I was never aware of that sort of behaviour.
That's really interesting to watch!

This is absolutely par for the course with the BBC who are quite clearly biased against Israel and pro- Palestinian. What is particularly annoying is that I am forced to pay the TV license fee for this bias on pain of being criminalised if I don't.

Isn't the real outrage that the driver wanted to kill a busload of young girls? That should be the headline? Why isn't everyone including Honest Reporting focusing on that? Imagine if an Israeli had tried to kill a busload of Palestinian kids. It would be front page news across the world. We were very lucky that the police killed the guy and that the pole stopped a true tragedy from happening. These terrorist have absolutely no soul and no conscience. That is the story here.

How is a two hour correction to a headline qualified to be commented as: ¨Too bad it took so long...¨?

Have you got any more examples showing their approach?

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