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Tuesday, February 24 2009

Responding to Amnesty

Amnesty International's latest report accusing Israel of war crimes and calling for an arms embargo received extensive media coverage this week, especially in the UK. Israel responded with a media blitz of its own.

First the Foreign Ministry released an official statement rejecting Amnesty's conclusions, reminding the organization that Hamas is a terror group and should be treated as one. Then, Israeli public official Uri Dromi entered the lion's den - defending Israel's actions in the Guardian's Comment is Free section. Dromi notes that Amnesty's main claims - that Israel used white phosphorus and flechette shells - do not constitute violations of international law. He also notes the lengths Israel went to keep Palestinian civilians safe.

Go explain to Amnesty, or to the world media, that Israel, in trying to hit Hamas operatives only, took extraordinary steps not to harm civilians. Millions of leaflets were scattered over Gaza, warning the locals to evacuate certain areas before they were attacked. Phone calls were made to specific residents to leave their homes, because Hamas terrorists operated from there and thus turned them into military targets (yes, read again: you call your enemy and you implore him to leave the area so he is not hurt). Last but not least, after exhausting all those warning measures, the IDF fired close to such homes and gave the residents enough time to leave them safely, before the houses were hit.

Dromi also points out that Israel has launched its own investigations into all of the accusations leveled against the IDF. Not surprisingly, Amnesty made sure to get its own report out before the official version is released.



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The Israeli spokesman's article is good as far as it goes. Why no mention of the Grad missiles and Katushyas and the growing danger represented by the increasing number of Israeli citizens - more than half a million and counting - within missile range?

If a Palestinian goat dies somewhere, AI will declare it an Israeli war crime before even the goat's owners know it's dead.

Israel is quite unique, countries and terrorists try to destroy it, but they are defeated in the end. A tiny country that only wants to HELP others is constantly chastised. An example of this is when the Tsunami struck Indonesia, which is a Muslim country.

The Indonesian government would not allow Israel to send aid, until they were sure Israel agreed not to send military personel to assist. Nice of them to finally accept aid from Israel.

What country provides clean water and electricity to the Palestinians, Israel. What do the Arab countries provide? They send weapons and money the Palestinians use to purchase more weapons. Then they attack Israel.

With all this, why does Amnesty International put the blame on Israel? Ya got me!

I have been an AI member for over 20 years. I believed in human rights for all. However, the vicious lies that AI now writes about the Israeli people and its troops has gone too far. I have waited many years for honest reporting from AI, but year after year they only know one thing-blame it on the Jews and the Israelis. Publishing the lies of the Arabs is not for me and as an American I have canceled to AI. I no longer want to be associated with an organization that is no longer true to its purpose.

To my pity, British are the Nazies of today.The ban on the Holocaust studies at school.
If the Europe is on the way to the Euroislam treaty organization,the Britain is not Great.The country is
surrendered.The defeat to terror is full and shameful

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