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Wednesday, November 5 2008

'The End Of The Jewish Domination'

Today's sickest headline comes from the Greek daily, Avriani. Translation by the Athens News Agency:

“The anticipated victory of Obama in US elections signals the end of the Jewish domination - Everything changes in USA and we hope that it will be more democratic and humane”.

The headline is, uh, Greek to me:




(Hat tip: Harry's Place)



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I've been studying Ancient Greek on the side recently. Ancient Greek is supposed to be as different from Modern Greek as Biblical Hebrew is from Modern Hebrew. While the headline seems a bit off grammatically, the translation does seem accurate.

How ironic since the majority of foolish American Jews voted for the bum.

Even more stupid when considering that Obama has just appointed Rahm Emanuel, son of Israeli immigrants, to be his CoS.

What greek idiot wrote this blatant lie? I would love to have a word with him.

Ignorance knows no bounds, so I guess we shouldn't be shocked, but this is still startling, and makes me regret the cruise I took to the Greek islands this past summer.

"Foolish" American Jews have been the source of tremendous support of Israel throughout its History. Obama just appointed the most pro-Israel person imaginable as his Chief of Staff. I'm sure the not "foolish" Jews in the rest of the world know the truth, that Rahm Emanuel is a closet Muslim.


the translation does seem accurate.

The translation is correct - the whole article can be found here.

This is not the most important newspaper in Greece, and its not fair to "regret taking a cruise in Greece" ...i.e., punish all of Greece or Greeks for the stupidity of one newspaper. It was not the president or prime minister who stated this...anyway it is all the more evidently stupid since Obama has selected Rahm Emmanuel as CoS as someone else pointed out.

Should we condemn all Israelis for the crimes of a few settlers on the west bank?

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