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Sunday, January 27 2008

Caption Quest

When Hamas was trying to score media points with a self-induced blackout, Time magazine bought in. Here's the photo (by Reuters) in question:


Here was the caption Time first published:

Blackout: The Israeli embargo has left the Gaza Strip without electricity. The Palestinian Parliament was forced to meet by candlelight on Tuesday night.

Unfortunately, there was one small problem: The meeting took place during the day. As we already blogged, Hamas closed the curtains, the candles were lit, and only then was the press invited into the room. Moreover, Reuters' original caption didn't indicate that the meeting took place at night:

Palestinian lawmakers attend a parliament session in candlelight during a power cut in Gaza January 22, 2008. Israel agreed to allow some fuel, medicine and food into the Hamas-run Gaza Strip on Tuesday, at least temporarily easing a blockade that has plunged much of the territory into darkness and sparked international protests. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem (GAZA)

Time has since changed the caption:

The Israeli embargo has left the Gaza Strip without electricity. To emphasize its plight the Palestinian Parliament met by candlelight on Tuesday.

(Hat tip: PJM)



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The media is not merely being duped by hamas, they are actively participating in anti-Israel propaganda efforts. Certainly whoever took the photo knows it was the daytime.

Yeah, the caption is pretty ridiculous considering you can see it´s daytime...

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