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Sunday, November 18 2007

Dura Discredited: Where's the MSM?

Scotland_sunday_heraldFor days, we scoured the MSM looking for any A) English-language B) non-Israeli and non-Jewish C) mainstream newspaper that D) reported as a straightforward news story on last week's Paris hearing where the Mohammed Dura video was discredited.

On that count, cheers to Scotland's Sunday-Herald and nobody else.

We had scattered sightings of commentary in the National Post and the Melbourne Herald-Sun.

And AP, to our surprise, today reported Hamas arresting Jamal al-Dura -- a report that failed to note the French development.

So bloggers like Nidra Poller, Melanie Phillips, Richard Landes and HonestReporting/Take-A-Pen had to pick up on the trial. Did we miss something? Where's the MSM?



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Maybe it's a non-story because "Dura Discredited" is the wishful thinking of a small group of strident partisans.

We picked it up quick:

I made it a top item, too. Unfortunately a tech misunderstanding has made it harder to find. We're working on that.

Also friends here (Denmark) picked it up:

and here, of course:

Altogether, the MSM probably finds it too embarrasing and not enough ticket-selling to go with :(

Well, there's always al Jazeera:

The Sunday Herald is the only other non-Jewish media source I've found over the past weekend.

Michael says, "Maybe it's a non-story because 'Dura Discredited' is the wishful thinking of a small group of strident partisans."

On the other hand maybe honesty in reporting no longer matters in the 21st century and the world needs strident partisans to bring the expression of truth back onto the agenda of its media outlets.

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