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Thursday, November 15 2007

Dura Discredited, Part 2

HonestReporting/Take-A-Pen's Alain Benjamin interviews some of the key people outside the Paris courtroom where France 2's Mohammad Dura footage was discredited.



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It is about time that it has reach the courtroom. Check out my website where I covered the events and the personalities involved including Talal Abu Rahma and later checked out his history with other false statements he has told to the UN about Israel.

The Court ordered France 2 to produce the film which was 27 minutes long and only 18 minutes of film was produced.

Who actually runs the courts over there in France?

In my country (Australia) France2 would have been charged with contempt of court for failing to obey the court's order.

I agree with Anna-- does France not have something like "contempt of court"???

Does France2 really think they are convincing the world they are not hiding something by not releasing ALL of the footage? Or is the footage just long gone... burned, or otherwise destroyed... as in "destroyed evidence"...???

The very fact that the film was cut and edited indicates that France 2 has something to hide.

I believe that it is in the interests of good journalism and the truth to disseminate these findings far and wide.

Implicit in this that the whole foundation for the Intifada is based on a lie. I am sorry that more has not been done to make this clear

Sounds like France 2 is going down.

In this U-tube interview it is reported that the BBC showed a 3 second clip of the Mohammad Dura film. Should you therefore send the whole of this U-Tube film to Jeremy Vine of BBC's Panorama to ask him to investigate not only the BBC's misleading use of the tampered images, but the continued failure of France 2 to reveal the missing minutes that have still not been seen by the public? Perhaps with a new President of France (Sarcosi) there will be a chance to uncover the full distortion that his National TV Channel perpetrated under the previous Presidency?

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