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Monday, July 16 2007

Your License Fee At Work

Radio5_2First the BBC allowed anti-Semitic comments to be posted on their Radio 5 site. Following public outcry, the Beeb's moderators took the comment offline, explaining that "a member of our Moderation Team has referred it to the Hosts for a decision as to whether it contravenes the House rules in some way."

Apparently, the comment by Iron Naz wasn't anti-Semitic enough for the Moderation Team. Message 62 is back online:

Zionism is a racist ideology where jews are given supremacy over all other races and faiths.

This is found in the Talmud.

There is a law called Baba Mezia which allows jews to lie as long as its to non-jews. many pro jewish supporters will cringe at this being exposed because they know it exists, yet they keep quiet about it, hey frip, jla and co

The Law of Baba Mezia!! Tsk tsk tsk! Its in the Talmud

The British public pays for these so-called moderators through the license fee.

UPDATE 6:32 p.m.: While we're on the subject of moderating comments for anti-Semitism, see Oliver Kamm's criticisms of The Guardian's Comment is Free section:

I am close to being an absolutist on free speech. I do not, however, consider that defending someone's right to utter pernicious sentiments obligates you to provide the vehicle by which he may do so. I can see no benefit either to The Guardian or to the quality of public debate in CiF's providing a bulletin board for antsemitic cranks and sundry flat-earthers, and cordially invite CiF's editors to reflect further on what they have created.


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The nature of many of these posts are disturbing. For some time anti-semites have used the shield of criticism of Israel to hide the true racism of their commnents. Now, on the BBC bulletin board, that shield is not even necessary. It appears the "Jewish question" is being openly debated much like it was in pre-holocaust days. Just 10 years ago comments like those seen posted would have been considered outrageously racist. Today they would be considered racist for any other ethnic group but Jews.


"Zionism is a racist ideology where jews are given supremacy over all other races and faiths.

This is found in the Talmud.

There is a law called Baba Mezia which allows jews to lie as long as its to non-jews."
This precisely describes islam.

A this moment I am seeing red... This has raised my blood pressure to an all time high... Why did we fight for and win over the "Hitler" madness. Why did we shed our blood for the freedoms we all love and care so much about. What gives with the BBC? Did they forget how many times the Nazi's flew over their cities and bombed inocent British People. And just recently the bombing of the subway? The hate shown by the Arab extrimist and the lack of freedom loving Arabs not saying or doing anything to stop the madness of the extermist... Never again... I am proud to be Jewish and my great uncles, aunts, and cousins died in Hitlers camps, and those who fought for our freedoms in WWII and now in Iraq...

It is very sad that the BBC is now under the control of people who don't care about truth, don't care that openly racist comments are on their websites, think it's a laugh to make mock of our Head of State and are trying to pass the buck when they are found out. The rot starts at the top and goes all the way down. They are acting as if they are the spiritual descendants of the national- socialists of the 1930s and yet we have to pay a "polltax" to keep them going. If they had to pay their way like commercial stations they'd have been out of business by now. It's about time for their subsidy to stop.

The commandment means ; thou shall not bear false witness ; and reads as such in some translations

We are to lie if it means saving someone's life whom we believe is innocent and serves to live

People do not have a concept of what democracy or cultural diversity is, let alone the concept of free speech.

Judaism in all it's teaching prohibits lying and stealing from non - Jews (Gentiles) even more so, and Gentiles have through their hatred and ignorance failed to understand this ruling.

People who do not understand democracy or have a predjudice for another group will willingly vote in an undemocratic dictatorship. There are also a lot of ignorant and misguided liberals out there as well.

Doesn't anyone see that BABA MEZIA, sounds an awful lot like "Bubba Mainsa" which means "grandmother's story" in Yiddish, or,just a fib. (pardon my Yiddish interpretation)

Its a crazy world we live in and as usual jew bashing is vey much on the rise.
Now of course history shows that whoever picks a fight with the jews will lose, and in these godless end days the heat is very much on.
We know the truth which is a biblical mandate for the jews and their counry of israel.
God bless you

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