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Monday, May 21 2007

Qassam Strike Caught On Film

A security camera caught a Qassam hitting a Sderot gas station:



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What bothers me about the present Kassam barrages is that Israel should have had a no tolerance policy toward a single rocket attack. If that was the case, it never would have come to this.
Olmert worries so much about what the rest of the world "thinks". He has not caught on that it does not matter what Israel does. The world will be critical.
It is time to design foreign policy based on Israel's needs, not on what the BBC writes.


Isn't it time for the electoral in Israel to rise in revolt against an incompetent and miss guided government?
Israel is the Loaughuing stock of the world, and particularly the Islamic world.

Issue a map of Gaza with a numbered grid. Announce the order in which each square in the grid will be carpet bombed for each Qassam rocket that hits Israel.

What other country would tolerate their civilians living under constant rocket attacks. The world is quick to condemn Israel when it retaliates however how would the Europeans react if it was Rome, Paris, Berlin or Stockholm being rocketed. Would the North Americans stand by if New York, Los Angeles, Montreal or Mexico City were being bombed. I highly doubt it.

Once again the world turns a blind eye and a deaf ear to the plight of yet more innocent Israelie civilians as they suffer more murderous attacks on them from the so called under fire palestians. Why oh why does Olmert not realise that he can never do right in the eyes of the worlds media. So forget them and do what is right and DEFEND your people before it is to late.

Stan is 100% correct! It doesn't matter what Israel does or does not do. She is alway portrayed by the media as the aggressor. She needs to do whatever is necessary to protect her people! What happened to the "Israel of old" that was revered by the world? She has become way too liberal!! It makes me sad.

If it were up to me, for every Quassam they shoot at me, I'll send 3 "home made" rockets back to them.

What Israel is doing now is not enough to thwart the qassams hitting Israel, but there shouldn't be a full-scale incursion since this would lead to a high casualty rate amongst the IDF troops since Hamas has been trained by the Iranians and Hezbollah ever since the pullout of Gaza a couple of years back.

The current use of targetted assassinations of commanders, qassam launching teams, terrorists and general and mass-arrests of high-ranking officials should do, but should be stepped up. The IDF and IAF are doing enough since Hamas and Fatah are still at eachother's necks rather than combining forces and attacking Israelis. It's better to perpetuate this confusion and infighting amongst the Palestinians and drain Hamas of their power and let the lesser of two evils, Fatah, take over.

Was your faith in G-d strengthened by this clip?
Did you see how He arranged for the fuel tanker to pull out just before the Qassam landed?
Baruch Ha Shem!
Jeff., Leeds, UK

Israel's Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, is perceived as a weak leader by a majority of Israelis, and the world.
He should resign and allow a new strong leader to emerge that will take strong and decisive action against the Palestinian terrorists firing Qassam Rockets into Israel with impunity.
Israel's foreign policy should be based on what is in Israel's national interest and not on what others think it should be.

Ruben speaks for a lot of us. Let the palis know what a whipping they will get if they continue with this bullhockey. Then watch how fast they change their behaviour as soon as the rockets start flying toward Gaza.

This is already gone too far! Why do the inhabitants of this city have to suffer this fear and terror?
May Adonai comfort them.

Why don't we move all the Israelis to Australia then let the muslims have 'Palestine' and when they move in, just nuke them all with something that destroys only Mosques and arab quarters (a soft tissue damage zone of 1000 miles radius is acceptable), then you can move back into the land and live happily ever after. No more Quassams, no more self detonating bride seekers, no more loony despotic rag-head rulers - just peace. You'll love it.

When Germany bombed London & other British cities, civilians & all, the British retaliated by bombing Berlin & other German cities, civilians & all. The Americans did the same to the Japanese. The loss of civilian lives is "regrettable" but acceptable in all wars. Israel should bomb Gaza. World opinion judges Israel & Jews differently to all others & does not change whatever Israel does.

What puzzles me is the fact that every logical being will conclude that Israel has every right to deal with the Palestinians the way they deal with Israelis. Why then is it that Israel does not retaliate just like any other country would?

Just look at what is happening in Lebanon. Is anybody rebuking the Lebanese army? No!

The Israeli government has to understand one simple thing, whether it retaliates or not it will be judged equally: "guilty".

It's time to fire rockets, randomly, into Gaza, for each random Qassam rocket fired into Israel. Let the Palestinians see what random, unaimed rockets feel like. That should stop this ridiculous barrage.
To hell with world opinion. The world always repudiates Israel, no matter how much it tries to minimize civilain casualties. Let the Palestinians see what random civilian casualties feel like. That will work.

It is time to send our leader home, and call for reelction. Israelies need to wakeup and select not a party but a person that is G-d Fearing, smart, and brave enough to know how to retaliate and keep the citizens of all Israel safe.
The rest of us should have Bitachon in G-d that He will help us to select the right person, and help us to strike back fast, and hard.
Who cares what other nation say about us, the hate us all the same.

How does Israel hope to survive agains the hatred of the whole world. The Pals. are only the rod! Maybe now its time to ask G-d to birth the nation's Spirit!

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