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Sunday, April 29 2007

Balen Report: Court Rules in BBC's Favour

The BBC succeeds in preventing publication of the Balen Report. See HonestReporting-UK's latest communique: Balen Report: Court Rules in BBC's Favour



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I downloaded Giyus and it worked perfectly for a while then I received a message that a serious error occurred while Giyus was running. I have since removed it and all is well.Has anyone else had this problem and is there a 'cure'?

Only journalists understand how news can be slanted, for instance, look at what is reported about Israel (Olmert under pressure due to War in Lebanon report)and what is NOT reported – buoyant Israeli economy, Israeli inventions and developments and, above all, Israel is NEVER included in the travel destinations discussed in travel programmes. Who wants to go to the disgusting Costa del Crime or a featureless piece of desert with overpriced shopping (the Gulf) when they could visit the most historic part of the Med with more to do and see than anywhere else in the region.

Let me understand this: a judge upheld BBC's desire to not release the Balen report because it was "for journalism" and thus not covered by freedom of information law? As a former senior researcher for the US Freedom of Information Center, the whole reason behind getting the FoI Act passed was to make information available that was not a clear danger to national security. Journalists and journalism, as well as individual citizens, were the greatest users of that law. I can understand why BBC would want to prevent its highly biased coverage from being clearly documented -- but I can't understand why the judge upheld its ignoble self-interested censorship. Or maybe Britain has a different concept of freedom of information?

I prefer to remain anonymous, however, it is profoundly unpleasant to read about the misinformation coming from the middle east, and elsewhere. I wonder why PBS in America takes such pride in its BBC coverage that dominates the morning news. Perhaps PBS needs to offer in their features, some public, second thoughts about the matter.

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