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Tuesday, November 14 2006

Billowing Wreckage of Time's Caption Writers

At Lightstalkers, photographer Bruno Stevens explains the truth behind his photo taken during the war in Lebanon:


First, here's Stevens' original caption:

Kfar Chima, near Beirut, July 17, 2006 An Israeli Air Force F16 has alledgedly been shot down while bombing a group of Hezbollah owned trucks, at least one of these trucks contained a medium range ground to ground missile launcher.

But Stevens writes that Time changed the caption:

They choose to caption it this way (I had NO control in this matter), they HAD my original caption:

“The wreckage of a downed Israeli jet that was targeting Hizballah trucks billows smoke behind a Hizballah gunman in Kfar Chima, near Beirut. Jet fuel set the surrounding area ablaze.”

In the meantime, after returning 3 times to the site, and collected more evidence, I had modified my original caption to this:

“Kfar Chima, near Beirut, July 17, 2006 The Israeli Air Force bombed a group of Hezbollah chartered trucks parked on the back of large Lebanese Army barracks , at least one of these trucks contained a medium range ground to ground missile launcher, at least one missile was hit, misfiring high into the sky before falling down and starting a huge fire in the barracks’ parking lot.”



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This falsification of reality is consistent with Reuters' digital manipulation of images and distorting the image of Israel and Jews. Iran is delighted.

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