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Thursday, September 14 2006

What's Wrong With This Photo?

Stop the ISM obtained photos including this one of International Solidarity Movement recruits who are A) foreigners B) who aren't Jewish C) dressed as Orthodox Jewish settlers D) holding AK-47 assault rifles E) in the Palestinian Authority's Jericho Prison F) with a tour guide who only identified himself as "a member of the Al-Aqsa Brigades" (far right).


Lee Kaplan, with the help of a Stop the ISM volunteer who spent time undercover with the International Solidarity Movement, expose the group's tactics.

Here's a better way to spend time in Israel: join HonestReporting's mission this November. AK-47s not allowed.



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Not wishing to spoil a good rant by concentrating on insignificant matters of fact, but:

(a) ISM volunteeers are, I believe, all "foreigners" (what did you think the "I" stood for?)
(b) How can you tell they're not Jewish? True, not one is wearing a yellow start but I didn't think that was compulsory, even under the Hamas government.
(c) What, if any thing, does "dressed as orthodox Jewish settlers" mean? They aren't wearing big black hats and sporting ringlets; they appear normally dressed (well, apart from the AK-47s). If I saw people like those (again, sans AK-47s) walking down my main street I wouldn't think "hey, what are those orthodox Jewish settlers doing here?" because they'd look pretty normal. Explain, please.

(d) (e) and (f), fair enough. But why all the crap first?

Anyone who has been to the West Bank knows those women are dressed to look like Orthodox Jewish settler women. The people in the pictures aren't Jewish because they told the guy who took the photo they were not
(try reading the article the photo is from before shooting your keyboard
off). Only a dunce would dismiss those photos of ISM activists toting AK47's with a terrorist in the room.
The ISM is not a peace group. Go read the article!!!

One thing of note: These were not just ISM "recruits" but repeat ISM volunteers in the Holy Land. The woman on the far right dressed as a woman settler is named Camille and lives in Kentucky though she got into Israel on a Danish passort. The otehrs are from Ireland and Scotland.
"Peace activists" don't wave around machine guns.

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