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Sunday, August 13 2006

Rebuilding Lebanon

Beirut_1Still believe that Israel wantonly destroyed Lebanese infrastructure and large sections of Beirut? The LA Times writes that Israel's targets really were limited. But don't take the Times' word for it. They're just describing a report compiled by Lebanon's Council for Development and Reconstruction:

The government review shows that Israel has largely avoided some types of targets: major power plants, water treatment facilities, telephone systems, central government buildings and most factories. The bombing has focused on Shiite areas of southern Lebanon and the Beirut suburbs.

Although roads and bridges have been hit all over the capital, most of the damage in Beirut has been limited to a single square mile of the southern suburbs: The neighborhoods of Bir Abed and Hrat Hreik. An almost daily barrage of missiles, bombs and gunship artillery has systematically removed Hezbollah's headquarters, its schools, clinics, sports centers and homes, along with the homes of thousands of civilians who live nearby....

The three airports in Lebanon sustained damage totaling $55 million, but terminal buildings were spared and the biggest repairs will be to runways and fuel storage reservoirs, authorities said.

Power plants also were spared, although a large fuel tank serving the Jiye generating plant south of Beirut was hit, sending 20,000 tons of fuel pouring into the sea and causing about $80 million in damage. Repairing electrical substations and transmission lines will cost about $128 million.

The council estimates that reconstruction will cost more than $2.5 billion.



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We, Lebanese, are thankful for the state of Israel for not destroying our country that much; only 150 bridges, 15,000 residential units, hundreds of Hospitals, schools and companies. And the cherry on the top of the Israeli kindness was killing more than 1000 civilians where 30% of them are children below 12 years;
Again thank you Israel!

Perhaps Abed you should remember that Hezbollah is represented within your country's government and cabinet. If you did not wish these calamaties to befall your countrymen, and neither incidentally did I, then you should have ensured that your contry's polocies were not dictated by Iran and Syria. If there had not been an attack on Israel then all this devastation would not have occurred. The answer is in your hands and that of your government.

Further to Roberts comments, of course it is understood that Hizbollah being armed by Syria and Iran would have been exceedingly difficult to disarm for the Lebanese army. However, no-one said they had to do it alone. There would have been international assistance from the UN (to fulfil their resolutions) if only a single phone call had been made. Unfortunately there was no call, and so Lebanon opted for the hard way... Well done to the Lebanese government, you condemned many of your countrymen to death by opting for a war that should never have been.

Regardless of the reasons for the massacre of Lebanese people and the wanton destruction of the past month it is obvious to everyone outside israel that Hesbollah were victorious in the war and now face a walkover victory in the peace. I personally felt much for the Jewish cause after WWII. My father's generation believed they had overthrown tyrany and created a haven for one of the main groups targeted by Hitler. He would turn in his grave to have seen how those he risked so much for had turned into the same aggressors he thought they had defeated.

What did Hezbollah win?
How is defending oneself an act of aggression?
Comparing the Nazis to Israel shows a total disregard to facts and reality. Israel is trying to destroy those who have publicly stated that they will destroy Israel(and have acted this way). The Nazis tried to destroy people who were born of a certain ethnicity.

abed - don't be ridiculous. if you want to avoid getting your country bombed, you might consider the option of not helping the terrorists. you can tell those genocide-oriented, antisemitic guys in your neighborhood to get out of your houses, out of your government. You can tell them anytime to get their rockets out of your basement. If you don't, I'm sure you are willing to pay the price for your non-action.

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