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Thursday, August 10 2006

Israel Mulls BBC Boycott

Bbclogo2Will Israel boycott the BBC? The Jerusalem Post reports of growing displeasure in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the British news service’s coverage of the Hezbollah conflict:

The diplomatic officials said the network had not been reporting the war fairly. Senior diplomatic officials in Jerusalem went as far as saying that "the reports we see give the impression that the BBC is working on behalf of Hizbullah instead of doing fair journalism."

(Hat tip for the visual: Prodicus)



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I spoke to an ex-newsman last week about this matter. You have to phone the BBC, make a polite complaint stating you've seen such-and-such programme and "the reporting is unfair and biased because (x, y, z etc)" and "such programmes do you a disservice". They will take your name and details and log your complaint. Only once the number of complaints goes over 20 will an automatic internal inquiry commence. Taking positive action can only lead to a positive outcome with the BBC. Use their own complaints procedure against them. Act now! Be objective and factual only : do not be abusive. If they get 20+ sensible & rational complaints they will must take action : they are obligated to. Remember, they come under public scrutiny in the UK : they are not a private company.

"they are not a private company" i.e. they are funded by extorting money from British citizens and thus immune to far more effective market pressures.

Israel should not just boycott the BBC but ban it from Israel and list it as a terror organization.
It is so biased against Israel that it's obvious that there's an Arab group calling the shots.

I wonder,

why doesn't israel give back the rights to the arab, 3 lebanese prisoners and some 40 SqKm in Shebaa farms, does it worth all these deaths and these desctuctions in Lebanon and in Israel???

Thank you, Adam.
I'll start calling right know.

The mock BBC logo you put there was made by Richard of EU referendum blog:

have u no shame to be a prpaganda voice for a terror organization such as hesbolla, when u show only women and children being killed where are all the man in lebanon ?

I have noticed that when muslims plot to blow-up planes they are "terrorists" and the BBC uses ther term "terror Plot" -- but they will not use that term when citizns of israel are attacked... I understand the Queens english at the BBC -- people are only terrorists if they attack the UK.

It's really hard to deal with such stupidity but I'll try. First of all the Arab prisoners in Israel are TERRORISTS who have murdered Jewish women and children and because of this they should never be freed.
The Shebaa Farms were won by Israel in a war in which they were attacked. Before that is was disputed terrority and now it belongs to Israel.
Hizzbollah terorists attacked Israel and started the war so they are responsibile for all the Lebanese causualities. You should ask them your question not Israel.

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