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Thursday, August 10 2006


See this excellent Newsbusters roundup on the latest from all the dubious images coming out of Lebanon. Germany's NDR also investigated Abdel Qadar, the mysterious man in the green helmet directing the cameramen at Qana. Watch the German report below.



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So I've played this ridiculas accusation of yours over and over again to see what is it that made this documentry on a dead child transform into a fauxtography??!! so i would like to know what is it that you daring dicoverers find as a clever BUST?

So your "suspiciouse" man took his helmet on and off and then on and off yet again-Scandal, and then to make things more suspiciouse it so appears that the man was from the red cross-i.e his actual job requires him to save those victims is actually also recording your propaganda-then again 10 YEARS LATER- and the nerve you have-does it seriously bother you that the photographers made a point to SHOW your crimes?

do close ups of dead children bring back the long never lost memories of your Holocusts?? so they tortured a dead child? but isnt showing the victim for the public only doing just for him? so that he won't be lost as one of your many many war casualties and then later denied to have ever died-let alone exsisted? you don't like the fact that the dead child is being moved-while dead-BUT WHO WAS IT THAT ORIGINALLY KILLED HIM?

That video is sick and really disturbing.

real disturbing seeing the true faces of the war crows and their propaganda

Hizzbollah murdered these children either by killing them on purpose or using them as human shileds. Either way the IDF is not responsible.

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