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Wednesday, June 28 2006

Consider Us Skeptical

Columnist Simon Tisdall at The Guardian thinks the Kerem Shalom attack was revenge for the Gaza beach tragedy:

In truth, the attack appears to have been belated, wrongheaded retaliation for the killing of nearly two dozen Palestinain civilians, including seven children, by Israel's army in the past four weeks.

But this Ottawa Citizen staff-ed thinks otherwise:

In taking credit for the raid, the military wing justified it as revenge for recent Israeli attacks. Skeptics have noted that it takes time to dig a 640-metre tunnel and plan an attack.

Consider us skeptical.

UPDATE: The Times of London talked to tunnel diggers, reinforcing our skepticism.



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Working on the Times' figures of 650m long tunnel and a digging rate of a "good day" of 15m that would mean that the tunnel took at least one and a half months to dig, besides the planning and intel gathering to come up in the right place.
Unfortunately for the readers/viewers of a MSM only too eager to abet in the disinformation barrage, they will be none the wiser as to the truth and ignorant of the reality.

these insurgents will go punished for taking life god gave to us and making themselves a god.. who do they think they are taking innocent lives.. they should all rot

Why is everyone focusing on Israel's side of the tunnel.

What about the house in Gaza where the tunnel was dug? Who lived there? Is it not a war crime to enter a home to use it for such a purpose?

Is anyone making the association between the "peace activist" Corrie who was trying to prevent the IDF from bulldozing these tunnels?

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