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Wednesday, September 7 2005

Tuvia Grossman, then and now

The Jerusalem Post notes the aliyah of Tuvia Grossman, who became an unwitting symbol of media bias in 2002. After being beaten by a gang of Palestinians near an eastern Jerusalem gas station, an AP photo caption described the American student as a Palestinian beaten by the Israeli soldier on the Temple Mount. The caption outraged Israelis, galvanizing efforts to fight media bias.

Grossman, now 25, arrives in Israel today with Nefesh B’Nefesh. He recently completed his law degree and will work as a legal intern in Tel Aviv. Read more about the Grossman family’s fight with the media and the continued Arab abuse of HonestReporting's 'photo that started it all'.

Tuvia then:


And Tuvia now:




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I thought this event occurred in 2000?

Have just read the distorted story of your experience in Israel at the hands of the media via Media Backspin/ Honest Reporting. Thanks to you and your family for not allowing the media to get away. I am not religious but I feel the need to say, "bless you and may you have a safe stay in Aretz"
Not necessary to reply.

God bless you Tuvia.

Standing for what's right doesn't mean we won't get our teeth kicked in. But stand we will.

Support Israel. Purchase Israeli products in the U.S.

I have just been made aware of this story today
Im appaled that our news is giving such a tainted view of what is going on
I am not religious in any way but I belive in people and the truth will prevail in the end
I hope im right

be blessed Tuvia...and your children,
in our country:Israel

Keep at it. Your a brave man and i pray this event only strengthens your resolve.

Stay strong

Tuvia, you're a courageous and brave man, good luck to you in Israel, we all support you, G_d bless Israel!
Shirley- Montreal

Come On you Valiant !!! May God be your Armour. God bless you.

With Love,

The Creator of heaven and earth will protect Israel. The world must know this. The media must always be fair in its reporting specially when it concerns Israel.I will be praying for you Tuvia and Israel.

Tuvia, Bless you for all that you had to deal with. This is one christian who is doing all he can by spreading the falsehoods of the media that is bent on telling lies. I proudly wear my 'United We Stand' button with the American and the Israeli flag at the federal building I work at. I worship One G-d and that is the G-d of Israel. And blessings to the brave Israeli soldier(s) who stepped in for you!
Shalom, Lawrence

Your story brought tears to my eyes. You are a brave man of convictions to make alliyah. May your children be a blessing for all Israel. I am glad that, through the internet, the lies and distortions of the Arabs and their media collaborators are being exposed.

Information is POWER! But misinformation in the wrong hands is a danger to all.

Tuvia i just heard about you and your ordeal and i'm glad and to know you stood up to this evil.

You are a beacon of hope to those who can take strength from this good news to stand up against terror and falsehood.

May God of Israel bless you and your family.

Arise O! Israel..

Remain Strong and Brave. In the end the truth will always prevail! Wishing you and your family all the luck in the world. May G*d bless you, your family, Tsahal, the police and those who put their lives on the line daily to protect us.

Tuvia good luck in Israel.
It does not surprise me that photo propaganda is still alive and kicking... if the media were doing its job properly and reporting objectively, they would not be buying into the propaganda.
God Bless Israel.

Thank you for your honest reporting. Keep exposing dishonesty in the media.

Honest Reporting is an eye opener to the world. I will tell everybody in the Philippines and all my friends in other countries to visit your website for truth's sake.

God bless you Tuvia for your courage to make an aliyah. Your life is but a great challenge to all. We will uphold you in our prayers. Shalom!

Very seldom you can read honest reporting nowadays. Yours was a case of outright insensitivity by the media. God bless you Tuvia.

Hope your first Rosh Hashonah as a resident of Israel marks the beginning of a wonderful, safe life for you and an extension of your strength, resolve and dedication to honest reporting. All the best, Ruth Webber Longmeadow,MA.

he got only a stone in his head and maybe been hit by israeli soldires in the other side everyday 5 or 6 palestinian kids will die from the american israeli bollets so what you talkin about !!! made this ***** as a hero !! this is really silly world and go back to ur country you have no place here in palestine

Hello....... pal and all of your kind. He is in his country,Israel. Have you all been in a coma since 1948?
God bless you Tuvia. We Christians love Israel and will be fighting on your side and hers for the peace of Jerusalem until Messiah comes for all of us.
Report the Truth,the facts.We will listen to clean flowing water.
Your friend,

As I have seen from everybody's comment, you all are supporting Tuvia. Which is very understandable. But... with all of you thinking that Palestine is looking for sympathy by using his photo.. believe me, they dont need his photo to ask for, because they have already got millions of their own that prove how brutal israel is to them. If you think palestinians are terrorists are you dont give a damn about them.. then how about you look at the American activists that were killed by israel?? James Miller, Rachel Corrie and others... maybe.. MAYBE ... for once, you will see that Arabs are not fighting for terrorism but for freedom and for peace..
And don't get me wrong, I do feel bad for those getting killed in Israel.. but guess what? they asked for it!!

It is tragic that the conflict exists in the first place, but so often truth is the earliest casualty in the media wars. I would expect honest errors to be openly apologised for and the record set stright. To intentionally mislead through misinformation, to my mind, is unforgivable and the newsmakers forfeit the right to be heard ever again on any subject.
Well done, Honest reporting, you stand for truth and whether you know it or not, you stand for God, Jesus said all those who love truth, love Him -(?perhaps unwittingly)

To anti-zionist; It IS understandable to support Tuvia. You're obviously one who hates the Jew;or maybe it's the Jewish State.I doubt Tuvia has the same hate for the 'Arab mob' that they displayed to him. What you need is a good history lesson and to try to answer why "palistinians" errrr refugees (or most of the Islamic world) learn this hatred. I'll be happy to share with you and would like to know where your hate comes from. Learn these ?'s: When gathering info,who benefits and whats their motive.Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Peace brother.

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