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Tuesday, July 12 2005

Omitting anti-Israel terror, cont.

A followup on the 'terror map' from The (UK) Sun:

The German F.A.Z. (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, that nation's most respected newspaper) published a similar map of worldwide 'Islamist terrorism since 9/11' -- also here, the horrific mass murders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad are omitted:


(click for enlarged version)

Comments: click here

This is actually a well-worn path of anti-Israel bias -- the New York Times was guilty of it also, back in May 2003. Why do western editors consider Israel a separate category from the rest of the world?



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Tony Blair also omitted Israel in his Commons speech on the bombings:

...It seems probable that the attack was carried out by Islamist extremist terrorists, of the kind who over recent years have been responsible for so many innocent deaths in Madrid, Bali, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kenya, Tanzania, Pakistan, Yemen, Turkey, Egypt and Morocco, of course in New York on September 11th, but in many other countries too...

Whatever is the inspiration and motive for the Islamist terrorists (Buddhism?) who committed 2587, or 99.72 percent of all terror attacks around the globe since 9/11 2001, these motives are for some yet unclear reason miraculously abandoned in Israel alone. Here, goes the common wisdom, the 143 + 1 (today’s) suicide bombers who espoused the same ideology of radical Islam as the Islamists abroad , blew themselves up for an entirely different reason – occupation. But then again, why just not take notice of the name of their terror organization which took responsibility for the Netanya bombing. It is called Islamic Jihad. They must have picked it carefully and for a reason.. So I was wrong. It is not true that their motives in Israel differ. It is that they consider the whole world occupied.

It does seem a bit off. Especially since people seem happy to blame all of the world's other bombings on the conflict.

A special form of anti-semitism is to deny that the palestinian war against Israel is related to the war of all other islamic murderers against all other western societies. Virtually all mainstream media have succumbed to this form of antisemitism. The bases of this frailty include wishful-thinking ("if Israel is nicer to the poor arabs, they will leave the rest of us alone"), cowardice ("how dreadful to imagine that those vile murders in Tel Aviv are part of a problem I have to face here. Better to ignore the whole mess"), our culture of therapy ("the reason we are being murdered is because we haven't taken the trouble to understand their needs"), and leftist ideology ("to maintain our self-image as thoroughly politically correct, naturally we always side with anyone who is anti-american. If we can't be directly anti-american, second best is to undermine allies of the U.S."). The failure to include Israel in a listing of sites of terror attacks is DEFINITELY not out of absentmindedness. Toads and morons are in charge of our news.

Nice of "ANON" to have posted his email address :)

It would be amusing if it were a real address. In fact, it's a hotmail address and it doesn't turn up anything on a google search, so he probably created it just for this post.

Still, the existence of people with such hatred for Jews does remind one of why it is necessary to have a Jewish State.

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