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Monday, May 9 2005

Sandy Wold apologizes

In response to HR's communique yesterday, Ithaca Journal contributor Sandy Wold sends a sincere letter of remorse:

'As you probably know, I have received dozens of emails from members of your organization from all over the country and the U.K. in the past few days. I was truly surprised by your response. My goal was to write a column that would be noninflammatory, and clearly I was not.

'Having read your emails and having spoken with many Jewish friends of mine, who have lived in Israel, were born in Israel, and/or know a lot more about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict than I do, I have learned much and better understand why you all are so upset with me.

'I sincerely apologize for my lack of sensitivity to and inclusiveness of your group's perspective and experience in my article.

Sandy Wold'

Wold's apology is welcome, and to her credit.

But Wold's admission that she was previously uninformed on the realities of the conflict underscores our central point from this communique -- that the demonization of Israel has seeped into entire communities that would otherwise have no particular interest in this corner of the world. Israel has become an accepted symbol of human evil, to be drawn from one's pocket as an apparent enemy of human progress and transcendent spiritual goodness.

That's the larger issue that, unfortunately, remains very much with us.



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Why would she write about something/anything she knows nought about? Just another admittance of bad journalism.

I should hope that Wold doesn't have 'many Jewish friends' after writing her article.

I think the previous comment was off the mark. I think it is better to accept someones change of view and spirit in a welcoming manner. I am impressed by the apology and want to thank her for it.


Good on her for admitting her error. However, she could really show her sincerity by publishing an article about how she was taken in by the insipid anti-Israel and anti-Jewish propaganda that is unfortunatley so widespread around the world.

Stan, I cannot believe a woman who has Jewish friends who were born/lived in Israel can be so naive as to be so casual and biased with her article. Ignorance is no excuse and I am sorry, but I don't accept her apology. Yeh yeh yeh, suddenly over night she changed her view. I just believe that she didn't realize that she left herself so open to serious criticism from Jewish sources......

BTW, I have just re-read her original article and I stand by what I posted. Her words were well thought and articulate.

592 posting were made concerning this womans damaging article.

Wold only apologized for not being "noninflammatory," not for being wrong about the "facts" in her article. Understanding why people are upset with her doesn't mean she thinks being upset with her is justified.

In fact, the negative response to her article possibly only strengthened her opinion that "If anyone criticizes Israel...they are immediately labeled "anti-Semitic" and guilt-inflicted..."

I am sorry I dont accept her appology- and like the previous writer said - for someone who
says she has so many Jewish friends - and ones born in Israel - she is certainly not the person I would call friend. She just wrote the letter of appology just to stop the emails - but thats not what she truely feels.

Marion thanks, I thought it was just me who felt disgusted with 'THAT' woman.
BTW Mrs Eener, if you want to call it anti semitism, call it what you like, but she is like so many so called intellectuals who keep pulling that "some of my friends are Jews" card out of the bag, thinking it will console the damage she and ignorant people like her keep doing with their stupid bigoted remarks.
She is a no gooder in my book....

I can understand her having these views despite and perhaps shockingly even because of her Jewish and Israeli friends. As we all know, some of the most hostile and vitriolic comments come from our very own so don't be shocked she could hold these views despite her friendships. I think its decent of her to apologise. I certainly can't see Orla Guerin doing the same.

Homercleese you are surmising her views are because of her 'Jewish friends'. Nothing like that was mentioned in her article, that her conclusions were draw from her Jewish friends.. Stop making excuses for that woman. She was wrong and there no way she can expect to be excused.
Can you please explain to me what you understand about her views Mr Homercleese............?????

"some of my best friends are. . . " what a lame defense!!!

The issue with this Wold woman is like so many others who choose to write on items unconnected to the Middle east have in the forefront of their minds the idea that Israel is to blame for everything.

The sheer lack of intellectual rigour which this displays in someone who writes for a newspaper is staggering and worrying. It is not as though there are is not evidence of a contrary nature available via Daniel Pipes, Melanie Phillips, Alan Dershowitz etc to at the very least call into question this woman's extraordinary outburst.

But perhaps she does not want to think through her position. She is typical of what a French philosopher once said @Some people think they are thinking when they are merely re-arranging their prejudices'. With her apology it sounded like she just re-arranged hers. Really convincing wasn't it?

What I intended to point out in my post was that regardless of whether her apology was sincere or not, she is not apologizing for her views (which of course she is perfectly entitled to although I personally strongly disagree with her) or saying that her views were wrong, like many people are crediting her for. She was simply apologizing for offending us.

I understand why so many people e-mailed her, but I don't think it is productive because she is most probably not open to change her views no matter what facts are in front of her face. Being inundated by e-mails of criticism is not very pleasant and most likely she did not read most of them, and it only adds to her view that people are not free to criticize Israel without facing negative consequences. A better way to respond would be to send one short, well-thought out letter to the editor of the Ithaca Journal. It's unfortunate it would be difficult to coordinate such response.

There is no apology made for the damage she has done with her uniformed and libelous opinion.

Dear Mrs Eener
I spent sometime reading some of those later emails which people sent to THAT woman,and believe me I wouldn't like to be on the receiving end of those critical emails...Some where a bit..hem, not too nice..


Exactly. Sending nasty (and/or numerous) e-mails is unproductive, perhaps counterproductive. Now she can play the "I'm being persecuted by the Zionists" game. That is, she can play the righteous victim, exactly what she was "advocating" against in her original article.

What I thought when I saw this blog line: She will probably not take back anything she said, just offer a superficial apology, A la Rev. John Bell.

Since Ms. Wold seems like a person of genuine good will I tried to contact her by telephone to share some information with her. Ms. Wold politely asked me to e-mail her which I certainly with do. Much is said about the so-called "Palestinians" but very little is said about the more numerous and ancient communities of Mizrahi/Sephardic Jews of which I am a descendent. Ms. Wold and others could start by reading the excellent book "From Time Immemorial" by Joan Peters. Another work to consider is "The Rage and the Pride" by Oriana Fallaci. Another seminal work is "Why I Am Not a Muslim" by Muslim apostate Ibn Warraq. Everyone should also aquaint themselves with the book "Sword of the Prophet" by Serge Trifkovic, the comprehensive works of the remarkable Bat Ye'or, and anything from the works of Robert Spencer. In focusing on the Israeli/"Palestinian" conflict the 2 websites and are indispensible. In understanding the bigger pictures one should familiarize oneself with the websites, (an excellent petition is there to sign), as well as One should not make any statement about the Israeli/"Palestinian" or the larger war on terror before at least examining one or two of these informative and invaluable works. Best wishes, Matthew J. Taar

Anti-Israel and anti-Semitic attitudes are very common among neopagan goddess worshippers. Keep in mind: they have rejected patriarchal religions and masculine images of the deity, ideas and images that they learned from Xianity, but that they believe Christianity inherited from Judaism. They blame Judaism, the Jewish deity, and by implication the Jews, for the subjugation of women throughout history. Is it any wonder that they are so quick to believe any criticism of Jews?

I noticed that this narcissistic idiot's web designer is Jewish(?) - Keren Cohen. I have to wonder what Keren thinks of her client? Keren, if you are listening, this moonbat's relationship with you needs to end.

The Wold's of the world, once benignly amusing for their narissistic street theater(her site is a three gagger), since 9/11 are, just as in 1930's Europe, the muddled misguided idiots that got a lot more people killed as time went on because of their naivete. I can see this simple idiot attempting to heal Bin Laden by getting him to get in touch with his inner child.

Oh, and Hitler was a vegetarian and loved children just like I bet this stupid fatuous idiot is and does. (I have nothing against vegetarians until they think it is a mark of spiritual purity.)

She's an anti-semite. Her mea culpa means nada.

I would hope somebody would contact her and ask if she's figured out how come she was so misinformed.
Asking how she got to be so stupid probably isn't it, but asking who she thinks misled her might be useful.

Hi Everybody,
I finally found your website and read through all of these postings. I very much would like to address all of the many, many important concerns and questions I hear throughout your dialogue; but, honestly, I hear so many assumptions, judgments, and much skeptisim of my honesty and sincerity that I do not think many of you will be able to hear me. This is understandable given your website mission to eradicate media bias against Israel and legitimate concern of being demonized by media representation. I learned a lot from this experience of reading your emails and talking with my Jewish friends, as I said before in my apology (yes, I have Jewish friends. my closest and most beloved friends are indeed Jewish. i think I was Jewish in a past life, always wanted a Jewish wedding, loved Fiddler on the Roof and Yentl, just went to my first Bar Mitzvah (a friend of my son who just turned 13), hope to go to my daughter's friend's Bat Mitzvah soon, and would be the first one to put a Star of David on my door if any Jews in my town were being harrassed,....), and I think it would help your mission if your group could relax and start seeing me as a potential ally.

I wrote a very vague apology because I do not want to get into a debate over details nor do I want to deal with more hate mail. Because the history of Israel is so complex, one has to be a scholar to debate, and I am obviously no scholar of the topic. I don't see myself as a victim, but I think members of your organization should know that I have been called "a mush-minded narcissistic fool, clueless twit, bigot, anti-Semitic, cunt, whore, slut, ugly," and more. I have no desire to dialogue with people who call me names; mainly because they have no desire to listen. I know myself well, so these names have not bothered me. My forte is not details, rather big picture concepts. (FYI, I am not a professional writer, and I did not get paid to write that article.) I regret that I used Israel as an example in my article because I alienated all of you, when I could have just as easily made a general comment about ALL conflict in the world. I did not have to use Israel as a political example when there are so many other countries in the world at war (why I chose Israel is long story I can explain eventhough I know you won't like what I have to say).

I would very much like to address all of your concerns if I could be assured
1. that someone out there will help me try to stop the angry and redundant emails
2. that someone will help me moderate the discussion so I do not get sucked into a debate around details.
3. that by 5/17/05 eve I will drop out of the discussion.

Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading this.

Dear Mrs. Wold,
Your apology has been accepted by most people here, as you could see in the responses here. The effort you put to find this site is admirable. The hate mail you have received was sent by people who are trash, and do not represents anyone, other then their own criminal subculture.
As for details vs. the big picture, this is really quite simple:

Zionism - Is the liberation movement of the Jewish nation.
suicide bombings and methods of Palestinian ‘resistance’, caused a lot of suffering to Israeli civilians, Jews and non Jews.

“Critiques” of Israel are viewed as anti-Semitic only when they oppose our right to be free and are indifferent to the suffering inflicted on many of us.

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