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Thursday, May 26 2005

BBC influencing boycott vote?

Melanie Phillips accuses the BBC of trying to influence AUT members to approve boycotting Bar-Ilan and Haifa universities in today's revote.



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Thankfully, the vote went against the boycott.

I look forward to seeing the sour faces of the BBC World newsreaders today when they announce the news.

(sorry, if they decide to announce the news)

Don't be silly! There's no connection.

BBC would have put out the same anti-Israel cockamamie any day of the year.

Didn't work though did it?

:D Boycott duly overturned. Can we have some nice comments about Britain now?

Libel, anti-semitism, bias, or propaganda on the air, the BBC will be there! :-)

Must... resist... urge... to... bash... MR... YOUR QUEEN LOOKS LIKE A MAN!! I'm Sorry! I couldn't help it! *slaps self* :-)

To Nemesis6 I say no one is more upset about the lack of objectivity at the BBC than us Brits, However I do not see that insulting the Queen helps.

What I would attack her on is that in her long reign she has never seen fit to visit Israel, a country which shares British values of decency and justice and which has fought side by side with British troops. And despite all that she has welcomed Assad of Syria under her own roof. Was that diplomacy or cynicism at work?

That's interesting, I had not seen anyone else report about the many arab students at the College of Judea and Samaria in Ariel.


As I said before, this rise in anti Semitism is not a British thing, French or European. It’s a left thing, Not all left-winger are anti Semites, but as a whole, as a global community of People with common, similar or related ideological affiliations, the left did a poor job preventing the rise of racism and intolerance in it’s meats. This neglects is demonstrated in treating anti Zionism as morally legitimate view. Anti Zionism is simply the new clothing of anti Semitism.

The removal of the boycott shows that not all Britons are anti Semites, and not all left-wingers are anti Semites (Anti Zionists).

As for those attacking the Queen??? That is really mean and stupid…and pointless.

Robert, the Queen of England (or is it Britannia?) is welcomed here in Israel. Though realistically such visit is unlikely to take place.

Dvar Dea, I agree with you completely. Please no attacking the Queen of England . I am ex Brit and it is extremely offence. Thank you.

As Melanie Phillips also points out, this may be a shortlived victory. The AUT is about to merge with the larger NATFE which is rabidly anti-Israel and already has a number of initiatives in the works aimed at ostracising the Jewish state. The General Secretary of NATFE is none other than Paul Mackney who recently spoke at the Israel hatefest held in Trafalgar Square.

Sorry MR, Britain is still at the heart of the Islamic/Radical Left anti-Semitic alliance.

Until Tony Blair and the rest of the political leadership of Britain, including it's Royals, speak out against the rise of antisemitism (which the Labour party has had a role in promoting )in the UK, I shall continue to avoid buying any product made there as well as visiting England.

The need of heads of states to speak strongly against racism and anti-Semitism goes without saying. The UK is no different in this then the rest of the world.

A note to Robert: I wasn't trying to be mean, just trying to poke a little fun! Hence the smilie. I don't have anything against the Queen, or Brits for that matter. In fact, I love those mini-doughnuts you guys have! :-)

But anyway, is it true that this boycut was actually presented on the eve of Passover, or was/is that just a rumor?

Nemisis6 - the circumstances surrounding the boycott are all on the web. It was on the eve of passover, but Sue Blackwell claims that it was her that brought this up first, yadder and indeed, yadder.

The whole affair seems to have chronically backfired, even prompting pro-Israel articles from the Guardian! You may well see that the tide may start turning back, and all without the need for a suicide bombing in Britain. Cheers for your support MJ! That'll learn us! Perhaps you should set up some sort of official boycott...

Problem is that the boycott having been reversed by AUT may well be re-introduced by the organisation about to take it over, NATFHE whose record is even more vile in relation to Israel.

To my mind the boycott itself is not the important thing here. British Universities and the Palestinians would suffer more than Israel.

However as Melanie Phillips has written elsewhere the boycott was reversed on the principle of free speech , but NOT that Israel was not a reasonable target and therefore the issue should not have arisen.

Furthermore what worries me is that these lecturers have the opportunity to distort young minds.

This will be a long fight, no doubt.

People, lecturers included, can have whatever opinions they like. Surely you don't think that we should sack people from universities because of their political views?

What fecks me off is that Sue Blackwell thought all of this nonsense was SO important that it prevented a debate on pay rates for graduate teaching assistants. Of course, it's in the interest of full-time staff that this didn't get discussed, as we do all of the dogsbodying work so that they can swan around in poxy PLA dresses. Sorry. It's just that this affects me personally. This may seem an inappropriate forum to discuss the matter. Ironic, no?

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