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Thursday, April 21 2005

Guerin to receive special honor

OrlaguerinThe BBC's Orla Guerin has a long record of polemical, anti-Israel reporting on the conflict. JPost now reports that she's receiving a special citation from the British government:

Israeli officials expressed dismay this week that BBC reporter Orla Guerin, who has come under sharp attack for what some perceive as an anti-Israeli bias in her coverage, will receive an MBE honor from the British government for "outstanding service to broadcasting."...

One Israeli official, who responded to the news by saying he was "shocked," said Guerin is among the most anti-Israeli journalists reporting from Israel today.

According to this official, granting her an award fits into a pattern that began in 2003 when the United Kingdom's Political Cartoon Society awarded Dave Brown of the Independent its "cartoon of the year" award for a cartoon he drew depicting a naked Ariel Sharon biting off the bloodied head of a Palestinian child. "It seems if you are anti-Israel, you will get an award," the official said.



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It's a shame. When the Oscars are given out, there is usually a scene of tears playing in the background. The award clearly should have gone to Plett for her noble, award winning tears-scene at the thought of Arafat passing away - and she wasn't even acting!!

Well, perhaps she'll get it next year (there's always hope). This time she'll just have to make do with being a second runner up.

This dishonor is selected by blair & approved by the queen (who not so long ago had the terrorist lacky of syria as her overnight houseguest). This dishonor will most probably be included in queens birthday dishonor list.

But will she decide that it is morally correct to accept an award given by the warmonger Blair?

I hope that this doesn't come out as being politically incorrect but she (and a bevy of others of her ilk at the BBC) has proved that you don't have to be a pretty face to get ahead in the business of international news presentation.

There is a lot of talk of boycotting Israel academically at the moment. I propose that the the reward for this shameful act of honouring this harbinger of inaccurate reporting should be that all Jewish folks selected to be honoured in the next list should return their gongs with a strongly worded note to the Queen (she who has never put afoot wrong my eye!) copy Tony Blair.

On this basis what (shamefilled) honours can one expect in the future - Sir Robert Fisk, Lord Livingstone, Thomas Paulin, Duke of Apalling, Sir David Irving for services to historical research.

Don't read too much into this. MBE is the basic 'starter' honour, usually given to reward long-serving civil servants or local councillors. I know two people who've got them and they don't use the letters after their name or even mention it. Literally hundreds of MBEs are given out each year.

This may be so Adrian, but that she should be singled out as worthy is disappointing at the least.

The British media (BBC, Reuters, Independent, Economist, Daily Mirror, Scotsman, Guardian, New Statesmen, Economist, etc.) is so reflexively anti Israel that they cannot think sraight.They probably in thier own minds feel as if they are fair and balanced.

"It seems if you are anti-Israel, you will get an award," the official said.

Lamentations 1:5

"..will receive an MBE honor from the British government."

Well I suppose this was to be expected given that the govt., (Blair's party) has presented the two Jewish members of the Conservatives as pigs.
Then of course there is all cuddling up to the Muslims - Minister O'Brian and the Muslim weekly ( see Melanie Phillips's blog.

The Israeli Government is responsible. This Irish whore should have been thrown out of Israel years ago.

Well, the news is that the British Teachers are following the boycott example set for them by the Nazis in 1938. Today, the Brits voted to boycott Haifa University and the Bar-Ilan University.

Surprisingly, they shown no inclination to boycott similar institutions in the USA (war and occupation of Irak), Russia (war and occupation of Chechnya), China (50 year occupation of Tibet), Sudan (not quite genocide of 300,000 blacks last year) or in their own country (war and occupation of Irak). Or for that matter, such enlightened places of learning as the breeding ground of suicide bombers Al-Najah University in Nablus which praises jihad and calls for Islamic world domination.

If there is a ray of light in this sad tale one can only hope that the British teachers took some time to reflect upon the views attributed in The Guardian of the Arabic Jerusalem-based Al-Quds University which issued a statement opposing the boycott.

"We are informed by the principle that we should seek to win Israelis over to our side, not to win against them.

"Therefore, informed by this national duty, we believe it is in our interest to build bridges, not walls; to reach out to the Israeli academic institutions, not to impose another restriction or dialogue-block on ourselves.",9959,1462656,00.html

And I somehow doubt that Orla would ever let out to the viewers of the BBC that people who hold such principles exist.

This is the the most stunning! The biggest shock I've had from Europe! Nothing, but nothing since the start of this 'Intifada' has even come close (and that's saying a hell of a lot!).

You'll recall how the oxford (or cambridge) lecturer who refused to take on an Israeli who had served in the army. That was shocking at the time. The lecturer was harshly criticized by his University and had to apologise. The University pointed out the very idea of boycotting some nationalities is against what academia stands for.

Thing are deteriorating.

I want to find out more. Was it a Union of lecturers who made this decision? Is the union predominantly extreme left-wing. Is it respected by 'ordinary' lecturers or are most academics far removed from this bizarre group?

I suspect we'll be hearing a lot more about all this. If, many years in the future, Europe wakes up, then researchers will document this day as a special milestone in European anti-semitism and wonder how it was that people didn't rally against this anti-semitism.
They'll wonder how the organisation was able to to single out Israel alone for this horrible treatment (essentially for the crime of refusing to be wiped out, of defending itself). While leaving every other country untouched, including many with very real crimes/occupation on a far greater scale. They'll wonder how it was possible to make such a decision yet pretend it was anything other than blatant racism.


The British AUT has a long history of pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli activities and policies. Here's a view of one of their web pages:

As readers of this board well know, the UK -- its politicians, media outlets, and academic institutions -- has increasingly become a hotbed of anti-Israeli activity and nowhere is this more manifest than at British universities where leftist politics, Arab/Islamic studies/funding, and Palestinian propaganda have conflated into a toxic cocktail of anti-Semitism.

That having been said, the boycott was pushed through by a small group of particularly rabid Jew-haters -- led by a junior lecturer -- who in the finest tradition of academic integrity (sarcasm) REFUSED TO ALLOW those opposed to the motion to speak at the meeting. The AUT commands no enforcement mechanism with any teeth and the Israeli targets are leaders in world-class research so the boycott is likely to be mostly symbolic. Nonetheless, the affair is extremely troubling for its precedence-setting as well as its eerie reminiscence to events in Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

Yes, I've been checking it out. It's just a trade union, they're not exactly a cross-section of University academics (lol) Several of them are frustrated marxists, etc.

It's not the most shocking thing to come out of Europe since... It's just another small step down the slope. Not much bigger than a week's collection of BBC and Guardian items.

>"led by a junior lecturer -- who in the finest tradition of academic integrity (sarcasm) REFUSED TO ALLOW those opposed to the motion to speak at the meeting."

lol! this sounds good! Do you have a link for that?

Terrific article.

Try this:

The fact that no AUT member who wanted to argue against this decision was allowed to speak, and the case for the Israeli universities was not presented to delegates, speaks volumes about the relevance and fairness of this debate," the embassy statement read

Yes, Douglas Davis is phenomenal.

It seems that in Britain one need only have the correct backing to succeed at something and not the credentials:
As for Ms. Guerin
"However, after taking some time off to return to education (she completed an MA in Film Studies), she joined the BBC as a news correspondent. She is now one of their senior journalists, having been appointed Middle East correspondent in 2001."

She works in the same manner as Michael Moore it seems.

I saw a crit on CodeBlueBlog some months back in which it was disclosed that the BMJ (British Medical Journal) is edited by a Cricket journalist.

"Havana? Liberated? Christmas double issue? Why is this the cover of a medical journal? What's this all about? Sadly, it becomes obvious when reading the issue's editorial:

Freedom has become the political buzzword of the 21st century. George Bush's agenda is to bring democracy and freedom to the rest of the peoples of the world, while his own are slaves to work, crippled by personal debt, and trapped in loneliness or loveless relationships—the shackles of the rich."

"Who in Sam Hill is this editor?"

" You mean he's a biologist? An invertebrate zoologist?

No. He's a sports writer...AND acting editor of the British Medical Journal."

It is worth a read to get a feel for how relative facts have become in getting out one's agenda especially for the BBC and it seems most of their professional journals.

Once upon a time long, long ago there was an Empire....!

I simply do not understand why the Israeli government gives accreditation to whores like Guerin and Fisk, and why it backed off in its confrontation with the BBC.

Lets not forget a prize being awared to a photographer for hi pictures of the 'west bank wall'. The fact that the photos were actually of the Gaza 'FENCE' seemed to pass over the heads of the panel.

O/T, I found a great blog excoriation of the Dan Okrent column today exonerating the Times for bias:

What is like HAIFA UNIVERSITY ? ...i would say like Israel's Berkeley...and they got the boycott ! how irony


The student Council of Haifa University, which is half Arab, decided to abolish Israeli Independence Festivities and replace them with Ramadan ceremonies. (Maariv, March 15, 01)

"The student Council of Haifa University, which is half Arab, decided to abolish Israeli Independence Festivities and replace them with Ramadan ceremonies. (Maariv, March 15, 01)"

In that case, let the ban stand.

Oh, DLL - the boycott is cunningly designed to target only Jews in Israel. While it cannot do so perfectly, it's in the right direction. You see, students who will blame the Israeli government and accuse it of racism/apartheid etc etc will be exempt from the boycott.
Lovely, isn't it?

If you want to read more about the boycott check Melanie Philips's Diary.

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