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Wednesday, April 13 2005

Another teenage terrorist caught

TeenterroristcaughtWith the media obsessing over settlements (see headilnes at right...),
this story is getting very little foreign press coverage:

A 15-year-old Palestinian boy carrying five pipe bombs was detained by IDF forces at the Hawara roadblock south of the West Bank town of Nablus.

The boy, identified as Hassan Hashash, was obviously sent by someone and terrified, a soldier involved in the incident told Ynet.

“You could see it’s a young child who was sent (by someone.) I looked into his eyes, he was on the brink of tears and scared to death,” said Muli, a paratrooper whose full name cannot be revealed for security reasons.

“The boy pulled out a matchbox, held up a pipe bomb, and attempted to detonate it,” Muli said. “We aimed our weapons at him and told him to move away from us.”

Israel radio noted that this is the third Palestinian child in the past two months caught attempting to transfer explosives past Israeli checkpoints.



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As the teeny terrorist was not allowed to blow his head off it's a non-story. But if the teeny terrorist had been quick with his match & blown itself into arafarts kingdom then the world could have blamed Israel for not protecting this bit of rubbish.

Dov, Let's not be too quick to condemn the boy. As the report states he was probably terrified. Those who should be rightly condemned are those who sent him. Are John Pilger and Robert Fisk listening or are they too occupied concocting their own news items?

For once today the Independent reports some nastiness in Gaza perpetrated by Hamas who shot and killed a bride to be and beat up her fiance, her siter and his brother. Is it significant that the Independent is at last finding these items?

The Independent keeps to the same track it has been on for so long - the 'main-stream' track of Palestinian fanaticism. Given that the Hamas itself has apologised for what their operatives did and recognising that the victims are Palestinians, the Independent feels it's ok to report the incident.

What, no story that he was just playing baseball and the IDF overreacted?

Or is it only when they die trying to kill Jews that we make them into "victims"?

If the article's suggested rationale turns out true, then not only the PA but also the terrorist groups should have an interest in stopping suicide teens, cause where are the Pally kids who want to live and study in Israeli jails instead of their homes and schools going to get their antisemitic study materials from?!

It is foolish on the part of the Israelis government to try to negotiate with these Arabs. they obviously don't want peace. Never did and never will. They have been in a constant state of war since time immemorial. They can't live a day without murder and mayhem. What makes the brain dead Israelis government think that they are going to change now? Speaking of that, it is time for a new government, a sharper one. Not one that lives in a dream world.

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