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Wednesday, February 16 2005

Same old blame game

BeirutbombingAfter the US recalled its ambassador to Syria to protest the assassination of Rafik Hariri, it didn’t take long for the Syrians to try shifting the blame to... where else?

Syrian Vice President Abdel-Halim Khaddam pointed the finger of blame at Israel….

Asked about Syria's alleged role in Hariri's death, Khaddam said, "The Israelis have assassinated an entire people [the Palestinians] and an entire region. So we should expect the worst from them."

Syrian media echoed the charges.



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This is one of those things that's so expected that it doesn't even make news. Nor should it. Even blogging about it is giving it too much weight.

Yiu're right Steve but the problem is the allegations are being raised not only by Syrian Vice Presidents but by people who write for supposedly reputable and mainstream newspapers like Ed O'Loughlin of the Melbourne Age.

I was wondering when they'd get around to this.

It's really amazing the things Jews can apparently do. There is no disaster in the world that was not caused by the Israelis. It's amazing there are any arabs left!

Um, and </sarcasm>

Since a "Palestinian" people have never existed it's impossible for Israel to be quilty of murdering them or guilty of stealing a land that never belonged to these phony people. That is like accusing me, an American Indian, of stealing America.

Do you have to be a psychotic Jew-obssessed ranting idiot to be an Arab/Muslim? It sure seems that way!

Malia, regardless of what you call them, he claims Israel "assassinated an entire people" (and let's not forget, also an entire region). You just have to smile:)

Otherwise, I agree with you. To say that the Jews stole Israel from the Arabs is like saying that Americans with European ancestry are the indigenous people of America, or like saying that the English are the indigenous people of Ireland.

It's odd that almost nobody has cottoned on to this.

Re Ed O'Loughlin --

I only found this one commentary, where he only briefly mentions the Israel theory, but as an unlikely option. Other people might be mentioning it seriously, though. Assassination-raises-spectre-of-civil-war/2005/02/15/1108230003379.html

"The other major suspect in the assassination is - as always in the Middle East - Israel. If Mr Hariri's death makes things difficult for Syria, the logic goes, then perhaps Syria's biggest enemy, Israel, might be to blame.

"Many sophisticated assassinations have been laid at Mossad's door down the years, including several in Lebanon, though Israel seldom comments. But past Israeli assassinations have tended to target people with whom Israel had blood scores to settle, and Mr Hariri did not fit this bill."

I don't understand why more Jews don't bring up these historical facts. The Arabs invented the "Palestinian" people to lay claim to Jewish land. The fact is that there has never been a "Palestinian" people, country, language or culture.

Several years ago I knew practically nothing about the Israel/Arab conflict but after I did some research it was obvious which side was about the truth.

I cringe when I hear "Palestinians" compared to American Indians. Comparing my people to a group who are in fact stealing land from it's indigenous inhabitants is an insult.

The truth is on the Jewish's people side when it comes to Israel so they should use it!

Malia, it seems that in Ireland, the Catholics - the true Irish (as I understand it) also see the Palestinians as being akin to them - whereas the English Irish (the Protestants - English people who moved to Ireland long long ago) liken themselves to Israel.

Clearly it's the other way around so how come they didn't notice???

I think it came about because the IRA commited terrorism and had links to the PLO.
This created a tie between the Irish and the Palestinians. The Irish saw the English as colonising them and it was convenient for the Arabs to see Israel as a coloniser:) England and Israel had been vagually aligned and that is how this ridiculous association was born.

The Palestinians in particular and the Arabs in general don't enjoy remembering the Jews living in Israel long long ago - back when Islam hadn't even been dreamed about. It makes them feel awful to remember the Jews had their nation in Israel, their kingdoms in Israel. We had a strange guy here (saeed, I think his name was) who insisted that the temples weren't in Jerusalem - that the Jews lived in Israel in ancient times for only 70 years - and who said that no part of "Palestine" was ever called Judea or Samaria! (he was very insistent about the last part).

In the Western world, white people automatically see Arabs as being "natives":) It suits their inbuilt associational world to think "Palestinians/Palestine/natives". This suits the Arabs/Palestinians too.

I've even seen references to the Palestinian as a "race" and as "the indigenous people of that land" (meaning Israel) :))))))

You're right. People who support Israel should remind everyone that the Arabs we call "Palestinians" these days, a mere half century ago actually considered themselves as just "Arabs" - part of the great Arab nation. Undifferentiated. The idea that they have a "Palestinian" nationality would have been laughable. Back then - "Palestinian" would have refered to any Jew or Arab in the land and would have been a matter of location - never of nationality.

People should be reminded that the Arabs came to Israel relatively recently in history (as did the English to Ireland, the Europeans to America, etc). That if anybody can be termed the indigenous people of the land it would be the Jews.

Not only that but they did not build a state here, were not a nation even in their own eyes, were only part of the Arab sea, lived here sparsly (on land that wasn't theirs to live on) and most of them don't even have a moderately long history here. After all, the UN defines (if I'm not mistaken) as a "Palestinian" any Arab who lived in Israel 2 years before 1948. Most of their ancestors came to Israel/Palestine from neighbouring Arab states only a few tens of years before 1948 and many of them came because as more and more Jews arrived there was more work and better conditions for it.

Jews mention this to whoever is interested but exactly there lies the problem: few people are interested:) It's very incovenient to hear these things. It goes right against the direction they wish to go in: In favor of the Palestinians and against the Jews/Israel.

People aren't born with these views. The media plays a very big part. The media produces a current and most people automatically swim with it. Swimming against the current is not only difficult but most people inherently trust their media so they have absolutely no reason to even think about swimming against the current:) Add to that that we humans are ruled by emotions rather than by facts. Usually facts and emotions go hand in hand. The media and the repetition of emotional stories completely dissasociated to the actual facts create an effect by which the facts simply don't matter much anymore.

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